How to Choose the Best Assisted Living Near Me


If you have a senior parent, friend, or relative in your life, you want them to feel loved, taken care of, and happy. Perhaps you’re a senior beginning to think about the next phase of your life.

Either way, a positive senior living option is crucial for peace of mind. If you’re wondering, “what’s the best assisted living near me?” We’re going to break down your options and what you should be looking for when choosing in-home care alternatives for senior care.

Keys to Great Senior Care at Assisted Living Communities

Whether you’re a child or caregiver of a senior or you are a senior yourself, you should never settle for inadequate senior care.

All seniors deserve to be well taken care of in all aspects of health. The best senior living situation is one that prioritizes their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Assisted living facilities are able to accommodate these priorities with high-quality living spaces, friendly communities, attentive staff, and other programs to make sure all needs are met.

If you are looking for an assisted living facility for you or a loved one, look for the following things at any senior care facility you are considering to guarantee a great experience.

A Positive Environment

Are there common areas that are inviting and pleasant to spend time in? You don’t want your loved one to spend all of their time in their room, so there should be more than one common space where they can socialize.

Speaking of socializing, what is the community like? Do the residents have opportunities to get to know each other? Are there events, activities, game nights, or concerts? Ask to see an event calendar so you can make sure you find the best assisted living community.

Is the staff friendly? If you take a tour, chances are you’ll be met with smiles and extremely positive attitudes. But how does the staff treat the residents at other times? Look for online reviews from other families to get an idea.

Comfortable Living Spaces

What are the resident’s rooms like? Are they attractive and accommodating to their needs? Do they include multiple rooms and a kitchen? Are they private or shared? Do they include a private handi-capable bathroom? Will your loved one have a good view?

You or your loved one will spend most of their time in their room, so making sure it meets your standards should be high on your priority list.

Qualified Staff

What is the staff per resident ratio? How do the staff treat the residents? What are their qualifications? If you or your loved one requires specific medical assistance, either daily or on an as-needed basis, you’ll need to make sure it can be provided by the staff.

Most assisted living facilities provide housekeeping and laundry services, so you should ask about that schedule.

Exercise and Fitness Options

No one said that seniors have to slow down. High-quality senior care facilities should provide ways for residents to stay active. That could be with a gym, a walking path, exercise classes, or access to a pool.

High-quality Food

Bad food can make or break an assisted living experience. Ask about the quality of food that the kitchen uses, and if you take a tour, some places will let you sample a meal. The food should be nourishing but also enjoyable.

You should also ask about meal times, serving sizes, and if they can accommodate any food sensitivities and allergies.

Community Activity

Along with a schedule of activities where residents can interact with each other, there should also be ways for them to interact with the outside community. This could include regularly scheduled optional outings or local community groups coming to the facility.

Are there volunteer groups that come to the facility regularly to visit with the residents? What about local performers like choirs, magic shows, or bands? A full schedule of activities is a must, and the best options for senior living prioritize keeping seniors connected to the outside community.


The biggest fear that family members have about moving their senior loved ones into an assisted living facility is that they won’t see them as much. However, assisted living facilities can provide necessary resources and meet their needs in ways that private in-home care can’t, so it is still a loving choice.

To guarantee that you can visit your loved ones as much as possible, try to choose a facility close to you. Start by searching, “best assisted living near me” on Google.

If there isn’t a high-quality option near you, look in neighboring towns so they still don’t have to be too far away. If your senior relatives do live in a facility that’s far away, make sure there are hotels nearby so you can schedule regular visits.

Other location-based factors are also important to consider. For instance, how close is the facility to the doctor’s office and pharmacy? Is it near shops? Is the neighborhood safe?

Location can be a big factor in the overall experience, so don’t overlook researching the area around the facility to make sure it meets your needs.

Determining Your Priorities

If an assisted living facility offers everything mentioned above, a great experience is guaranteed. However, you should still read through again and number your priorities. Which items on the list are non-negotiable? Which ones aren’t as crucial?

Knowing your priorities will help you keep perspective while you’re checking out places. Go into every tour or informational call with a list of questions to ask so that your top priorities aren’t overlooked.

No senior should have to settle with their living situation. Don’t worry about feeling demanding or like you’re asking for too much. It’s better to know what each facility can and can’t offer in the beginning before you make a decision.

Best Assisted Living Near Me

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