How to Introduce Seniors to the Idea of Assisted Living, Alaska

Talking to seniors about assisted living in Alaska is tough. There is an emotional toll on you because you are talking to people about their ability to care for themselves and changing their lifestyle.

This talk can lead to some sensitive areas such as independence, finances, and health care.

Have A Plan

Before you approach someone about considering assisted living, make a game plan. Anticipate possible objections the person may have to assisted living and write down your responses.

According to numerous studies, the main objections to entering an assisted living facility are:

  • Loss of independence
  • Losing contact with old friends, family, and their neighborhood
  • Continuing with their same lifestyle
  • Paying for assisted living
  • Fitting in with a new community

These are all reasonable and authentic protests. Anyone would have the same fears about moving from familiar surroundings to an entirely new one. So, as you encounter the opposition, don’t discount it. They are coming from a real sense of loss and fear.

Don’t Try to Do It Alone

Don’t try to convince the person by yourself. Enlist the help of friends, neighbors, relatives, and even a doctor if possible. No doubt, the senior has exhibited actions and behaviors that led you to believe the senior would be safer in an assisted living facility.

There is a good chance other people also have observed similar behaviors or actions; try to get one of them to join your conversation with the senior. Their presence and support will help show them you aren’t the only one who wants them to make a change. Plus, it will let the senior know that you are not picking on them and that other people have similar concerns.

Answer Objections Directly

When the senior objects, listen to them; if it has merit, agree with them. For example, if the complaint is that they’ll become too dependent, and there is a good chance they will lose independence, tell them they are correct.

However, don’t let their objection be the last word. You could explain that assisted living means having a less freedom but more safety.

If the senior talks about the cost of the care facility, you must be ready to talk about finances. Have a plan in mind for paying for the assisted living.

It’s Not a Fast Process

Don’t expect to settle the issue with one conversation. This process will take time and require a lot of persistence; you don’t want the senior to feel rushed or pressured.

Keep the pace steady and slow, keep the lines of communication open, and always offer truthful and valuable information.Don’t let yourself get sucked into arguments or personal attacks. They will only make matters worse.

Remember, seniors are people, they still have many of the same fears and concerns as you or anybody else. Don’t be surprised if there is reluctance or hostility to the idea of moving. If you treat seniors like adults and with respect, they will be far more open to discussing the idea of assisted living.

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