Anchorage Alaska Senior Housing

WELCOME TO BAXTER SENIOR LIVING Anchorage Alaska Senior Housing Community

Anchorage Alaska Senior Housing Community

Watching our progress from the start is so amazing. We are so excited for our completed community. Even more excited to share this place with the Alaskan families who need it! Have you scheduled a tour yet? If not contact us today. 907-891-9696 or email


Baxter Senior Living Community AlaskaBaxter Senior Living providing Homes for Seniors in Anchorage, Alaska. We will provide seniors an option to remain living in Anchorage.  If you are seeking Assisted living in Anchorage AK, or Assisted Living in Alaska please contact us today to make your reservations. Baxter Senior care is also providing Memory Care in Anchorage (907) 891-9696 or fill out our contact form and we will be in touch! contact us Learn more about Baxter Senior Living Alaska Memory Care Services and Facilities

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  1. I would like to know if there is a minimum age requirement for residents?
    Where can I find the monthly fees for each floorplan? Do you have financial assistance, can Medicare cover any residential fees?
    What are policies on pets?

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  2. I have pretty much the same Question that Pamela Aki has.One thing I like to know how big are the units and do have to purchase the units or rent them.

    Thank you,

    Karoline Novak

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