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Welcome to our modern assisted living homes in Anchorage, Alaska

In the heart of Anchorage, a testament to resilience and value stands tall – Baxter Senior Living. As the largest and most capable assisted living and memory care community in Alaska, we are dedicated to providing seniors with superior housing options that celebrate their spirit and meet their unique needs.

At Baxter, we understand that senior care is about more than just assistance with activities of daily living. It’s about creating an environment that feels like home, where residents are treated like family, and their individual preferences are respected and honored.

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The Values of Our Anchorage Senior Living Home

Making Senior Living Brilliant

At Baxter Senior Living, we firmly believe in enhancing the lives of Alaskan seniors through highly personalized senior care services. We strive to create a vibrant environment where residents can forge new friendships, explore enjoyable activities, and experience life without limitations.

Setting the Gold Standard for Senior Care in Alaska

Every aging Alaskan deserves the best life. Residents and families of Baxter Senior Living feel like they’ve struck gold. Our vision is to elevate the standard of assisted living homes in Anchorage. We do this by offering plus services, memory care, and comprehensive respite care in an unparalleled environment. Our residential setting empowers residents to maintain independence, pursue their interests, and age gracefully. We design our activities and care to enhance the senior experience.

A True Alaskan Experience for Seniors

We recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of seniors in Alaska. These individuals deserve to age in place and continue to enjoy what drew them here, from attending Iditarod events, gazing out over the Cook Inlet with friends, to waving at the moose traffic.

Baxter Senior Living offers an excellent home base for seniors to continue their journey at an enhanced pace.

Our expertise spans across:

The Luxury of Assisted Living and Memory Care Residences in Anchorage, Alaska

Our state-of-the-art community includes a high-end movie system for entertainment, a wine bar for socializing, and a cutting-edge fire protection system that doesn’t disrupt daily life.

From our memory care community to our assisted living residences, every aspect of Baxter Senior Living has been designed with the comfort and satisfaction of our residents in mind.

Our Team

But what truly sets us apart is our team. Each member of our team is committed to ensuring that our residents are cared for and cherished like family members. Every interaction is an opportunity to make our residents feel seen, heard, and valued.

From our President to our caregivers and hospitality service members, we create a premium experience for seniors and their families.


The Reviews Are In: They Love Our Assisted Living Homes in Anchorage!

“My parents live here, and I really love it in so many ways. It’s really beautiful here inside, with the Christmas decorations. It’s just so welcoming and cozy! We had lunch here with them, and it was delicious. They are both meeting new people and doing things they haven’t done in years! Everyone has a smile. I highly recommend Baxter Senior Living!”

-Robin, Family Member Review

“Living here at Baxter Senior Living is wonderful. The people take such good care of us. They are so kind, so understanding, and so willing to serve and make us happy. The food here is wonderful. We have a chef – who is a chef – who makes the most delicious meals.”

-Barbara, Resident Review

“I work at Baxter, and honestly, we have a great caring staff. Our ultimate goal is our residents. We all make a great effort to make sure the residents are happy and well taken care of. I highly recommend Baxter Senior Living!”

-Sheryl, Team Member Review

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Proudly Alaskan, Baxter Senior Living is more than just a senior living home. We are a community embodying our beautiful state’s strength and spirit. As we look to the future, we are committed to remaining a thriving pillar of Anchorage, providing exceptional care for seniors in Alaska for many decades to come.

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