How Baxter Finds Ways To Help During COVID-19 Pandemic


The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has taken the world by surprise. This is an invisible infectious disease that continues to infect people regardless of their age, gender, or race, in different countries around the world.

Since there is yet to be a vaccine or drug that treats COVID-19, the best way to contain this disease is by preventing its transmission. So, most affected countries have encouraged their citizens to practice self-isolation or quarantine and maintain a high level of hand hygiene. A significant number of individuals and organizations such as senior living communities have taken up relevant government guidelines to fight this pandemic.

Baxter Senior Living, one of the best senior living communities in Anchorage, Alaska, is also committed to fighting the spread of COVID-19. Already, we have put in place some significant measures to help protect the seniors during self-isolation and all our staff during this Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic.

Baxter Senior Living is committed to:

Creating Awareness

Our Alaskan elderly loved ones need to receive accurate and timely information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. This will significantly help in ensuring that those who are sick receive care immediately. We will also be able to flatten the curve and control the ongoing spread of the virus.

At Baxter Senior Living, we ensure that seniors and our caregivers are up to date with the latest information and updates about the Coronavirus disease. We have closed our doors to the outside community. We educate our Baxter Senior Living residents and their loved ones about the transmission, sign and symptoms, and preventive measures of coronavirus.

You can follow our Alaska COVID-19 Resource Page Here >>

Restricting Access To our Anchorage Senior Living Home

The coronavirus disease is an invisible infectious disease that is easy to spread. Therefore, most experts and governments are insisting on people to self-isolate, social distance by keeping at least 6 feet of a distance from others, limiting touching surfaces, and intensifying cleaning and disinfection measures.

At Baxter Senior Living, we prioritize the importance of seniors and caregivers to embrace social distancing. We encourage reducing unnecessary interactions to slow down the spread of COVID-19. In that regard, we have introduced restricted access to our facilities. This is to ensure that we only allow a certain number of people into any of our facilities and keep COVID-19 from entering our senior living home.

Caregiving by Experienced Caregivers

The best way to serve our elderly citizens is to ensure they continuously receive quality senior care services. We have employed a team of experienced and compassionate caregivers to ensure that seniors continue to receive:

  •   The best personal and senior care services.
  •   Support with managing their chronic conditions.
  •   Personalized care with individual care plans.
  •   Immediate medical attention available with care around-the-clock.
  •   Housekeeping services, basic needs, and other essential needs and wants.
  •   Healthy nutritious meals to boost their immunity.

These caregivers are courteous, friendly, and create a fantastic rapport with seniors. The relationships built will help seniors get through these tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our caregivers are aware of the government’s directives and evidence-based best practice recommendations on how to prevent the spread of this disease.

Communicating with Technology 

Self-isolation is one of the best ways of preventing the spread of coronavirus 2019 disease. However, self-isolation can lead to loneliness, depression, anxiety, and stress. So, to help seniors continue to maintain communication with their relatives, we help seniors learn to better use communication technologies like telephone, e-mails, and video calls. Our caregivers can help seniors learn how to use technology to reach out to their family members and friends.

Providing Basic Needs

We understand that our senior residents will continue to need timely meals, medication, housekeeping services, and safety precautions. We are committed to ensuring all your basic needs are always met even in times of pandemic, such as the coronavirus outbreak. We have skilled, assisted living staff members who will provide you with all the senior living services to help go about your daily activities safely. Our caregivers can also tend to your housekeeping needs to help you maintain high levels of hygiene, cleaning, and disinfection. Remember, coronavirus also spreads when one comes in contact with infected surfaces. We are also increasing our methods of cleaning and disinfecting our communal areas.

Creating Personal Care Plans

The Alaskan elderly adults require specialized dietary habits and healthcare support, especially while self-isolating and quarantining. At Baxter Senior Living, we provide personal care plans to ensure seniors have healthy bodies and minds. We can also organize for specialized medical care at an affordable cost for seniors that need advanced care. It is through such provisions we continue to be one of the leading senior living institutions in Anchorage, Alaska.

Maintaining Quality of Life During Retirement

We have postponed our outings to protect our residents from becoming sick due to other people in crowded areas. We are continuing to offer transportation to doctor appointments and supporting our seniors who may prefer to engage in telehealth medical appointments.  We are also organizing recreational activities for our residents to enjoy their quality of life during retirement, while maintaining the proper social distance protocols.

We embrace healthy mindsets and bodies while encouraging social distancing. This will help ensure that seniors continue to live a quality life as we prevent the spread of COVID-19, hence making it easier to fight the pandemic.

Bottom Line

We are committed to protecting seniors and our staff during this pandemic. We understand the mental health challenges that are progressed during such times when seniors may need to self-isolate, quarantine, and we need to limit our doors to community members.

We know that times are hard, but this too will pass, and there is a path forward. Baxter Senior Living has a reliable customer care team that is also committed to answering questions and concerns from our residents’ loved ones and potential customers. You do not have to visit our centers to seek clarification on various matters concerning our services. What you need is to do is contact us and submit your questions to our customer support team. This helps minimize the number of people visiting our facilities hence reducing the transmission of COVID-19.

KTUU News featured Baxter Senior Living on how social distancing is affecting assisted living communities in Anchorage. We’re very proud of our BSL staff, residents and families, and everything they’re doing to protect our residents and staff during this COVID-19 pandemic. Keep showing love to the seniors in your life! COVID19 love assistedliving seniorcare


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