Baxter Senior Living is Staying Connected

Baxter Senior Living is Staying Connected

Social Distance doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected. Baxter is committed to keeping our families as comfortable and connected as possible. There are so many ways you can stay in touch.

We’re committed to prioritizing the safety and wellbeing of our big family.

1. Call or Video Chat

A smile is just a call or video chat away! Imagine the joy it brings to your loved one to hear your voice or the sound of his or her grandchild laughing; to see their happy face or play a card game with them while you video chat! Give your loved one a ring on their personal phone, computer, or iPad or feel free to call us to schedule some face time (907) 891-9696


2. Stop By for a Window Visit

We know it’s not easy not being able to hug a loved one, but you *can* still safely see them in real life! Don’t be shy to come and say hi! Schedule a visit through our safe and warm glass lobby while you’re with them on the phone. Our skilled team is constantly and carefully completing proper procedures and protocols through CDC standards to ensure the safety of our residents, team and for you as well during your visit to give you comfort and peace
of mind.

3. Send Your Love Through the Mail

Even though you can’t hold them, you can hold them in your heart. Make them feel loved, feel missed, feel happy. Send them something special from home that will touch their hearts and give them something to hold on to until it’s you! We highly encourage sending thoughtful letters or cards, flowers or care packages filled with memorabilia, their favorite game or drawings from the grandkids to bring a smile to their faces.

Thank you for helping us achieve this together.

4. Remind Your Loved One About the Importance of Social Distancing

While Baxter is part of your family too, it’s helpful to hear a familiar voice from home to give extra support and reassurance. It is extremely important at this critical time that our residents only leave the community for essential medical appointments. We will continue to provide transportation to these appointments as needed. Any social outings from our community at this time have been postponed. This includes running errands, going to lunch, etc. If you are able to assist your loved one by sending needed items, that would be very helpful and appreciated. If you need us to assist with any online ordering, please contact our community.

5. Encourage Your Loved One to Participate

Staying healthy includes staying active physically and mentally. Encourage your loved one to participate! Our events and activities team is still providing life enrichment and wellness activities for residents while practicing safe social distancing indoors and through virtual classes, events and activities. Our committed essential team members can also coordinate 1–on–1s with your loved one if they would like to participate in these virtual activities on their personal devices.

You can reach us at 907-891-9696 or email us with questions We are happy to answer any questions and concerns you have.

You can follow our Alaska COVID-19 Resource Page Here >>

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