4 Key Questions People Ask about Assisted Living in Anchorage Alaska

Questions People Ask about Assisted Living in Anchorage Alaska

People have a lot of questions when it comes to assisted living in Anchorage Alaska. We have consolidated the top 4 key questions people ask.

What qualifies someone for assisted living? 

It all depends on the individual, what needs they have, and what they’re comfortable with. Here are a few things to consider.

Mobility While some seniors at age 80 can still get around all on their own, others may have to rely on a walker or a wheelchair.

Health If you feel like your loved one needs more help around the house to better manage their health, then assisted living can be a fantastic option. The additional help will probably be welcomed, especially if they’re starting to struggle. For example, they can receive assistance with eating, bathing, dressing, and toileting.

Tasks Around the House While independent living is fantastic for people of all ages, there comes a time when household tasks change from achievable and pleasant to burdens.

For instance, washing the dishes, doing laundry, mowing the lawn, and weeding the yard are usually fun tasks that the elderly like to do to occupy their time and mind. But if you notice that your loved one needs to put in extra effort to complete daily tasks and it’s draining them, then it might be time for assisted living.

Mental Health The elderly are more susceptible to loneliness, which can result in additional health issues. Often, they get to an age where they don’t have many of their original friends left in the local area.

You might not be able to visit them as much as you like and might even feel guilty about that. But you shouldn’t, as your loved one most likely wants you to lead a fulfilling life without worrying about them too much.

In the end, it all comes down to listening to what your loved one wants. So make sure you sit down with them and have a thorough conversation about the pros and cons of assisted living.

If they do decide that senior living in Anchorage would be best for them, do your best to be there for them, every step of the way. Such a transition can be daunting, but if they have someone they live by their side, then it’ll help reassure them that they’re making the best decision possible.

How much does it cost for assisted living per month? 

Alaska has a population of 728,903 people. Of this population, over 40% live in Anchorage. The city has one of the fastest-growing elderly populations in the US, with the city’s over 65 population set to grow by 5 times the national average.

The monthly median cost of assisted living in Alaska is $6,045, according to Genworth’s 2018 Cost of Care Survey.

Options for senior assisted living in Anchorage are becoming more common with baby boomers making up the city’s most well-educated and affluent groups.

With a rapidly aging population, many older Alaskans are considering what to do for their retirement. Though in-home care is an option, you may be seeking something that fits your lifestyle as you age.

Assisted living is one of the best in-home care alternatives as it allows seniors to stay active and socialize, while also providing round-the-clock care when needed. It provides for scheduled activities, support with daily living and an opportunity to thrive.

What is the difference between an assisted living and a nursing home? 

Assisted living facilities are for people who can still take care of themselves for the most part. They might need (or just enjoy having) some assistance with cooking, daily household tasks like cleaning and laundry, and personal care like showering – but it’s like ordering from a menu… you choose what you want help with. Monthly pricing for this kind of housing is based on the level of assistance you want or need. In general, as a resident of an assisted living facility, you would live in a private living space (like an apartment or condo), and have a private bathroom and kitchen. Couples are generally able to live together. Sometimes these places allow you to have your own car, and almost all of them provide rides to bring you where you need to go like the doctor or the store. You’ll also enjoy a high level of socialization, with organized trips to museums, movies and more.

Table 1: Assisted Living Residents’ Needs for Assistance Need help with medications 86% Need help with bathing 72% Need help with dressing 57% Need help with toileting 41% Need help with transferring 36% Need help with eating 23%

Nursing homes offer a higher level of daily care, including everything from help getting dressed to using the restroom to getting in and out of bed. You might choose to live in a nursing home if you need frequent or daily medical care, or if your ability to get around has lessened and you feel more secure having people check in on you frequently. Often, family caregivers might choose a nursing home when they feel they can’t care for their loved ones well enough anymore. While this type of living situation offers less independence, you’ll feel really well taken care of with round the clock care.

How long does the average person live in assisted living?

The primary reason that the average person leaves assisted living is there need for increased care. To cover this, Baxter Senior Living provides increased level of care including Assisted Living Plus and Memory Care. This provides additional living options for those seeking assisted living in Anchorage but who end up needing increased care.

Having this increased tier of care allows those residents to remain in their familiar settings at Baxter Senior Living as well as staying connected to our care team. Their needs may change but their routines will not and they will not have to whether the upheaval of having to move again which could cause agitation and unease.

Top 3 Key Questions People Ask about Assisted Living in Anchorage Alaska
A 2000 study found that, among those who moved to another setting, the need for more care was the most commonly cited reason for leaving (see Table 2).

We hope that these “Questions People Ask about Assisted Living” helps you to make the decision for your loved one easier. If you have questions please contact our senior advisors so that we can answer any questions you have specific for Baxter Senior Living.

We look forward to welcoming you home to Baxter.

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