Ensuring the safety and well-being of your loved one often includes making the decision to transition them from in-home care into a senior living community. While this might not always be a favourable option for the family, it usually turns out to be the perfect living solution.

Our assisted living home community makes senior living in Alaska an exceptional experience. With that said, if you’re skeptical about transitioning your loved one into a senior community, take a look at these benefits of in-home care facilities:

1. Independence

One of the great things about an in-home care facility is that it provides independence to seniors. Even if they’re unable to reside in their own homes, that doesn’t mean that they’re incapable of living by themselves.

For many mature adults, an assisted living community is the perfect solution to their living situation. They get to have their own space while also receiving support from caretakers.

2. Social Life

One of the huge advantages of assisted living is that it allows older adults to socialize with one another. As seniors age, many of them tend to have less and less of a social life. But everyone should have fun and friendships, no matter how old they are.

A senior living facility is one of the best in-home care alternatives to hiring a sit-in nurse. While it’s great for a mature person to be able to stay in their home, it often leaves them feeling lonely.

If you’ve been searching “assistant living near me” online, look no further. Baxter Senior Living is the answer.

3. Personalized Care

At Baxter Senior Living, we understand that there are certain things your loved one needs, and we’ll be happy to provide it for them. We offer assistance with walking, eating, housekeeping, and laundry. We’ll also provide transportation to doctor’s appointments as well.

When your family member is with us, you don’t have to worry about their needs being neglected.

3. Nice Apartment Units

One of the best assisted living community benefits is the size and layout of the units provided. Our Baxter Living units provide superior in-home care by offering units that look like real apartments. We have studios, one bedrooms, and two bedrooms.

Our living quarters are equipped with great amenities like free high-speed Wi-Fi and cable, all-inclusive utilities, and a fully equipped kitchen. Our units are designed to make your loved one feel completely at home.

We are one of the best options for senior living.

4. Additional Amenities

In addition to the standard amenities that come inside of the apartments, the community itself offers some pretty cool extras as well. Our facility includes a dog park, fitness gym, library, cafe and bar, and a quiet room.

Plus, whenever your loved one is in the mood for some fun, we also have a barbecue pavilion and a movie theater. We make sure that our seniors have a good time while living out their golden years. We also coordinate events for residents to get together and socialize with one another.

We’ll make sure that your loved one enjoys themselves, so you can stop searching for senior living near me. We’re the answer!

5. Specialized Care Services

We understand that many mature adults need more than standard in-home care. To guarantee that all of our residents have what they need we offer specialty care services. We provide memory care to residents who need it.

Our staff is available to give intermittent nursing services, housing food service, and help with daily living activities. We also provide high acuity care services. If your family member requires added attention, we’ll give it to them.

You can trust that our caring staff will do everything they can to ensure that your loved one is completely cared for.

6. Respite Care

Is your family member’s primary caretaker feeling burned out? Is your family wanting to travel or spend time away, but there’s no one to look after your loved one? If that’s the case, we offer respite care services. If you’ve contemplated the idea of transferring your family member into an assisted living facility, this is a great opportunity to see how they like it.

Not to mention, it’ll give you an opportunity to take a much-needed break from caretaking. This is the perfect short term option for families who want to test the waters of senior care living, without making a permanent commitment. After your family member visits our community, we’re sure they’ll want to call it their home.


In-Home Care: The Best Assisted Living Community in Anchorage

If you’re looking for a great in-home care provider for your loved one, Baxter Senior Living is it. We offer exceptional senior living in Anchorage. Our staff provides the best respite services and the best memory care services to our residents.

Our goal is to make your loved one feel completely at home with us. Plus, our facility is situated near the beautiful Chugach Mountains— it doesn’t get any better than that.

If you have any questions for us, call 907-891-9696 or contact us online.

We can’t wait to make your loved one feel like family.