Assisted Living Options in Anchorage Alaska

Assisted Living Options in Anchorage, Alaska

“More people are drawn to us due to the influx in the prices in the Pioneers Home, and with the government cuts and things like that, it has drawn more people to us,” said Damien Jones, General Manager of Baxter Senior Living. “I think us having this, I would say, the market value price, is helping out a lot.”


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  1. I’m 58 and in a couple years will be looking for a new place to live. Is this for only assisted-living, or can somebody who is capable of taking care of them selves live here too? I know they have over 55 places all over the lower 48 but I don’t know if they have any up here. That’s why I want to ask if you would take anybody or just people who need assisted living or memory issues. Thank you for your time.

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      Hi Debi, great questions and thanks for reaching out. We are sending you over an email to answer your question and any others you may have. Have a wonderful day!

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