What Is It Really Like to Live in Alaska?

live in alaska

Alaska is one of the most breathtaking places on earth to live, and there’s more to it than just the wintery chill that it’s known for. If you’re someone that is looking for an assisted living place for your loved one in Alaska, you’re going to want to know these fascinating facts to ensure that they’re able to enjoy when they retire in Alaska.

If you’ve had a difficult time convincing your loved one that assisted living is for them, by the time you’ve finished reading this post, you’re not going to have to convince them because we’re going to convince them for you.

Winter Won’t Stop Outdoor Activity

When you think of senior living in Anchorage, one thing you’re going to have to get used to is outdoor activities. Just because it might be a bit chilly outside doesn’t mean that everyone stays inside during the winter.

If your loved one enjoys spending time outside, there’s going to be no limit to the activities that they will be able to participate in during the time spent in assisted living. But, if outdoor activities aren’t for them, they can always take up a new hobby such as knitting or begin reading all the books they’ve been wanting to read for years.

Physical Activity is a Thing

Even if your loved one is someone that enjoys spending more time indoors, there’s going to be a time when they’ve got to go outside and explore their new surroundings. By the time they’ve finished exploring their surroundings, they’ll have gone on a hike without even realizing it.

Alaska has tons of areas to go hiking that offer secluded and quiet areas to admire the beauty around you. Whether it’s to get some exercise or simply to get away from the assisted living home’s hustle and bustle, there’s no end to the places that you can walk in Alaska.

Food Prices Fluctuate

When living in Alaska, someone may find that food prices aren’t something they are used to. Depending on what you’re ordering or shopping for, the price may be drastically different than back home, especially when you’re purchasing things like fish.

The thing about purchasing foods in Alaska is that they are usually fresh and have been caught or grown in the surrounding area.

Wildlife is Everywhere

If your loved one thought the zoo was exciting, just wait until their living in Alaska. Alaskan wildlife has no boundaries, and you can walk outside and see animals such as a moose with the simple turn of your head.

It’s essential to remember that Alaska is just as much their home as it is yours. With that in mind, respect their space, and everything should go as smoothly as possible. One should also be aware of animals, especially when going on walks or nature hikes through the area.

Rich Culture

The best assisted living community in Alaska is full of culture, and the natives of the area have no problem putting it on display for others to see. In fact, showing off their culture is something that Alaskan natives take a lot of pride in doing.

Those who are native to Alaska do their best to preserve their traditions, like holding various yearly festivals that people can attend and teaching the young children in school about the traditions of the land.

Time Zone Difference

When you move from one state to Alaska, you need to be aware that there will be a time change. Your loved one needs to be aware of the time change because it can cause some significant issues, especially when it comes to adjusting to a new sleeping pattern and getting their body on track.

This area operates based on the Alaskan Time Zone. Therefore all clocks and watches should be set accordingly before making the official move.

Northern Lights Give New Meaning to Stargazing

Have you ever seen pictures of the Northern Lights? When your loved one begins to live in Alaska, they’re going to have a front-row seat to this miraculous display of color. This takes stargazing to a level that they’re never going to forget.

Another aspect that makes the Northern Lights so spectacular is that the sky is clear and free of clouds. It’s like taking crayons in majestic color and painting across a clean canvas except a thousand times better than you could’ve ever imagined.

Easy Going Place

Most of the people that reside in Alaska are very easy going. And let’s be honest when you’re someone that is older in age, you’re going to want to settle into a place where you can take things easy and go with the flow.

Alaska is the perfect place for this because those that live here understand what it means to take in the moment before moving on to the next.

Live in Alaska: The Next Chapter in Your Life

When you’re thinking about what it’s like to live in Alaska, there are tons of reasons why you’re going to want your loved one to live here. Starting with the beautiful front-row view of the Northern Lights to the ability that they have when it comes to seeing wildlife up close and personal at any given time.

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