9 Key Advantages of Memory Care for Senior Citizens

memory care

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More than 50 million people suffer from dementia around the world. It’s an illness that is difficult to deal with and comes with many unknowns.

Luckily, there are options to get your loved one the best care possible. Memory care centers often hit that perfect balance of assistance and independence that’s needed for a happy life.

It’s hard to know what the best options are in this type of situation, so we’ve compiled a list of the top nine advantages of utilizing memory care for senior citizens.

1. Full-Time Coverage

The aspect of care-taking that is most difficult is the constant demand. This is heightened when your loved one has dementia and shouldn’t be left alone for extended periods of time.

It can be exhausting and impossible to make sure they’re covered at all times. But not when they live in a memory care center. There they have access to someone for help at all hours of the day. They are continually being watched out for and cared for. And you don’t have to worry one bit.

2. Expertise in Specific Needs

Those suffering from dementia have very specific needs to help them function and live a full, happy life. Those who work in memory care centers have been fully trained on the disease and how they can best help those living with it.

These professionals know the ins and outs of the disease, which should help you to feel confident entrusting your loved one to them.

It’s helpful to know that those taking care of your loved ones really, truly understand what they’re going through and want what’s absolutely best for them.

3. Feels Like Home

It’s difficult to imagine sending your loved one to live in a sterile, unhappy place. Luckily, memory care facilities are the opposite of that.

In fact, most aren’t even medical facilities at all even if they do have some nursing coverage.

These communities are designed to help those living there feel as comfortable as possible. The homes are actual homes that feel inviting and cozy, not like a hospital room. Each space can be customized to more fully make it your own.

4. Opportunities for Social Interactions

Social interaction is a crucial part of our well-being, that’s especially true for those with dementia. Just one hour of social interaction a day can greatly reduce agitation levels.

Living in a memory care center gives senior citizens many opportunities for social interaction every day. The community will provide activities that are designed to increase cognitive function while having fun. These are a great way for people to get out of their houses and spend time with other people to get that boost of good energy.

5. Specialized Care

Aging does not look the same for everyone, we all have unique journeys that require different things to keep moving forward. Good assisted living memory care facilities take that into account and offer ways to customize everyone’s care.

You can work with the professionals at the center to devise a plan that works best for all involved. Your loved one can have much or as little help as they need.

That plan can (and will) change as their situation or health change as well. The continued dialogue and support will help give the best care possible.

6. Keep Up on Healthcare

As the body ages, the need for good healthcare increases dramatically. It’s important to keep the body in the best health possible to continue enjoying life but that’s not always easy.

So many doctor’s appointments, medication schedules, and overall wellness tasks (like eating healthy meals) can be overwhelming. This is where an assisted living and memory care facility comes in. The trained staff can help meet all of these needs and keep your loved one on track.

7. Guided Independence

One of the worst parts of aging is losing your independence. It can make you feel depressed and hopeless, which will start a vicious cycle towards more health problems.

But when you find the right memory care center, your loved one can retain independence and keep doing the things they love. Just with a little help.

Living in a memory care center allows you to have the help you need when you need it. But also gives you the freedom to take care of the things you can do on your own. It’s the best of both worlds.

8. Variety of Options

Not all memory care facilities are created equal, and that’s a good thing!

You can work through all of your options to find the place that best suits your loved one with their needs and wants. Floor plans are available to give a customized feel and help you feel more at home.

Even the community setup varies from place to place. With all of those options, you’re bound to find something that feels right.

9. Peace of Mind

Dementia and other ailments that come with aging affect more than just the senior citizens. Their effects spread outwards to all those involved in their life.

It’s difficult to watch a loved one begin to struggle and not know how to help them. You have to walk the fine line of being available and helpful but also living your own life with its responsibilities.

Memory care allows you to feel confident that your loved one is in capable hands with wonderful opportunities. You can have peace of mind that they’re in a safe place and well-cared for, which is huge when you’re used to worrying!

Benefits of Memory Care in the Later Years

The unknowns of aging can be difficult for senior citizens and their families to deal with. It’s difficult to know what the right course of action is. But memory care is often the answer many are looking for.

Your loved one can feel at home while having access to help when they need it. There’s no need to worry if someone will be there. And there’s easy access to entertainment and social activities. A win all around!

If you’re interested in learning more about our memory care community, contact us today!


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