This Is the Importance of Family for Alaska Senior Citizens

importance of family

The U.S. population of adults over the age of 65 is projected to double in the next 40 years. There were 52 million American adults in that age range in 2018. The population is expected to reach 95 million by 2060.

Life expectancy is also rising for older adults. The average life expectancy of an American adult in 1950 was 68, it’s now 78 years old.

39% of women from 75 to 84 live alone. These numbers have led to increases in the demand for assisted living.

As you begin to arrange for senior care for the elders in your family, it’s crucial to keep in mind the importance of family in their life. Keep reading to learn more and why senior living in Anchorage is the best decision you can make for your loved one.

Helps Maintain a Social Life

The importance of family and friends in a senior’s life is crucial, especially as they transition to an assisted living community. Maintaining connections is important for all seniors. This is most often best met through family.

A new place can present challenges but family visits and phone calls can help your loved one maintain the social life they’ve been craving. They’ll feel supported and will have something to look forward to by maintaining a relationship with the people they love.

Family Interaction Can Improve Memory

Talking to seniors in your family consistently, especially if they live outside your home, is beneficial in so many ways. One thing it can do is improve their memory.

Your elderly loved ones will need to access memories from the past in conversations with family. This will help them use a part of their brain that can fight against memory problems.

Cognitive function can improve by reminiscing about old memories and creating new memories as well. So maintaining a relationship with the seniors in your life when they transition to a senior community is crucial.

It Can Improve a Senior Citizen’s Mental Health

Family support and meaningful relationships can significantly improve a senior’s mental health. Senior citizens can struggle through changes, whether those have to do with living arrangements or health issues. Time with family can help them push through that.

Even while living in a great assisted living community, loneliness can still be a real struggle for seniors. Maintaining constant communication can help the elders in your life feel more fulfilled. This makes them less prone to mental health issues.

Having that support can raise a senior’s self-esteem. They’ll feel like they have people who will be there for them no matter the circumstance.

Helps Extend Life for Many Seniors

Spending time with family, especially when in assisted living, can help extend your loved one’s life. Our assisted living facilities can provide great accommodations and personalized care so that you can spend quality time with your loved one when you visit them. This time spent bonding can greatly improve your loved one’s quality of life and push them to take better care of their health.

Family Can Help With the Recovery Process After an Injury

The best options for senior living will provide your loved one with assistance after an injury. They’ll be able to get help with necessities like walking, bathing, and dressing.

Having family around can make the process of recovery easier for the senior in your life, however. Having family help with additional tasks when visiting and being there as an emotional anchor can help your loved one heal much faster.

Helps a Senior Citizen Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Baxter Senior Living is the best assisted living community because it offers a multitude of amenities to help the seniors in your family maintain an active lifestyle. Our facilities include a health & wellness program, physical therapy, and a gym.

Physical activity is important for everyone, especially for seniors. It helps maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of serious illness, and strengthens bones and muscles.

As a family member, you can help your loved one stay active by accompanying them on walks or helping them exercise in other ways. This will ensure that the senior in your life is making the best choices for their health.

Family Connection Can Strengthen the Immune System

A senior with less interaction might feel more stress and anxiety and this weakens the immune system. Participating in healthy activities like exercise and socializing with loved ones can strengthen the immune system, reduce blood pressure, and improve health overall.

Senior living in Alaska is a great choice for an elderly loved one because they’ll have access to personalized care and daily activities to keep them healthy. Visits from family to spend quality time together will also improve their health.

Family Can Make the Transition to Senior Living Easier

Moving your parent or grandparent into assisted living can be a lot of change all at once, especially if you’re transitioning them from in-home care. Talking with them and spending quality time with them will make the transition easier.

Baxter Senior Living’s assisted living services include individualized care plans that will help your loved one maintain independence while getting the assistance they need. This will ensure that your time together can be focused on bonding with each other.

The Importance of Family for Seniors Explained

As you transition your elderly loved one into senior living, keep in mind the importance of family. Family can help your loved one maintain their mental health and can even extend their life.

Senior living is the best option to ensure your loved one has the best care they can receive while still spending quality time with family. If you’re looking for the best assisted living community in Anchorage, Baxter Senior Living is the place to go.

Contact us with any questions you may have about our care services or facilities, we’ll be happy to help!

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