Technologies To Keep Seniors Active and Healthy

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As we age, staying active becomes more of a necessity than a choice. It goes without saying that active seniors enjoy greater mobility, moods, independence, and overall better health than older adults who choose to live a sedentary lifestyle. However, the challenges that come with age can limit your ability to stay active.

Thankfully, technology has made it easy for seniors to keep active through tools and applications that help plan and track workouts, try new exercises, and accordingly stay active and healthy. Here is how technology helps to keep seniors active:

Tech for exercise

One obvious benefit of technology is that it helps seniors to exercise for a healthy lifestyle. There are various wellness devices that allow seniors to get moving. Some popular ones include Fitbit, Apple Watch, Kardia, and Garmin. They are useful for keeping older adults moving to ensure blood keeps flowing, which helps in enhancing brain function, reducing depression, and improving the functionality of the immune system.

Moreover, seniors can enable notifications on their phones to remind them when they are supposed to exercise. As such, they will be less likely be late to take a walk or join a friend in a jogging exercise.

Tech for gaming

There are numerous games that are designed to keep seniors active. Good examples include, but are not limited to: Words with Friends, Word Cross, Chess and Checkers, card games (such as spades and bridge), and board games (such as Connect Four and Chutes and Ladders).

Further, video games play a key role in improving hand coordination, mind training, and memory. They also help raise the endorphin levels to keep blood flowing, in turn keeping seniors energized and in good moods.

Tech for controlling mood

For mood control, Hapbee is one technology that can ensure seniors stay active. With the click of a button, this wearable device and phone application can alter your moods, ensuring you are in control of how happy, calm, alert, or focused you are. The device is designed to produce signals that are projected using low-energy magnetic fields. So, whenever a senior feels lethargic and bored, they can click a button to elevate their mood and motivate them to go out and take a walk.

Another technology for mood control is Human Charger; it introduces light therapy to the brain photoreceptors to help eliminate bad moods and sleepiness, hence giving you more energy and alertness to stay active.

Tech for health monitoring

Seniors are susceptible to health complications due to advanced age, which makes health monitoring technology a critical part of ensuring they keep track of their health. Some helpful devices here are:

Zibri’s SmartScale — This technology measures movements that indicate falling.

MouthLab by Aidar Health — Monitors health parameters like respiratory rate, blood pressure, heart rate, breathing pattern, and lung function.

CarePredict — Assesses movements, sleep, walking, and eating.

MedWand — Accurately monitors medical conditions remotely, allowing doctors to assess seniors’ health and attend to them if need be.

H2-BP — It is the world’s smallest wearable device for measuring blood pressure.

When seniors are able to monitor their health in real-time, they can take proactive measures to avoid health complications and seek medical help. They can also tell when it’s the best time to go out and exercise.

Social media as a tech

Social media provides a platform for fitness trainers to host live stream videos that can be beneficial for seniors. Here, you will access pre-recorded classes in all forms of exercises, from lifting to yoga. YouTube is one of the more popular sites where trainers teach easy-to-follow home workouts, guiding you step-by-step for guaranteed success.

Instagram has also become a preferred social platform for trainers: As long as you have the Instagram application, you can choose a personal trainer to follow and engage with their live sessions.

Certainly, seniors should strive to stay active to ensure they remain healthy and free of lifestyle diseases. Thanks to technology, you can partake in different forms of exercise, interact with trainers, and learn a lot about staying active for a healthy and meaningful life.

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