Life After Retirement

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Retired people remember what it was like to have a full time job. Going to work every day meant being a part of an organization and interacting with fellow employees. As part of a work force employees tend to be categorized not just by their job titles, but by their role in a department, division, team, work group or shift. This categorization creates a sense of belonging and promotes cooperation within groups.

Retirement severs that connection to group membership.

Newly retired people may feel lost without being part of a group that has been so important in their lives for so many years. People who do not have any hobbies or outside interests will feel this loss more intensely than people who belong to clubs, professional organizations, hobby groups or volunteer societies.

The corporation or company you left behind may have had a mission statement, and the end goal may be the same as yours in retirement: to effectively solve problems and promote positive outcomes. Just as in your working life, being retired is all about solving problems and striving for a positive outcome, one day at a time. But as the saying goes, instead of looking at a problem, consider it an opportunity. Retirement is full of opportunities.

If you are already a member of a hobby group, card club, sports group or do volunteer work, you can expand your participation in these activities. Consider volunteering for a leadership role. But if work has always been the center focus of your life, you will need to work a bit harder to recognize what activities make you happy or bring a sense of accomplishment.

Many retired people love to travel.

This can get quite expensive, so if you do not have a lot of disposable income, long distance travel may not be feasible. But you can develop knowledge of your local county, community or state by traveling to museums, landmarks, libraries, parks, historical sites, and surfing the internet. If your community or state has an industry that you find interesting, become an expert on that subject. Find out how it got started and why. Research the product it makes and who uses that product. This could lead to meeting new people, making new friends, and learning new things. Depending on how much interest you develop in the topic, you could start giving talks to schools and clubs to share your interest.

Think about what you are good at.

Contact a Cub Scout or Girl Scout group and offer to share your knowledge to help kids earn badges. Do you invest in the stock market? Find an investment club to join, or start one. Have you been through difficult times in your life? Find a support group and offer to share your experiences and mentor others who may be going through similar difficulties. Do you like to spend time outdoors? Join a walking club or a nature society and participate in field trips or birding outings. Your local Senior Center may have opportunities for woodworking; sewing; drawing or painting; day trips; Yoga; exercise; hiking; bicycling; holiday dinners; and games such as MahJongg, Scrabble, Bridge and Poker. Take advantage of these offerings, most of which are free. If you love to learn, consider attending college classes. Most colleges offer their regular classes free to people over the age of 60 or 65, both in person and online.

Retirement may open a new world for you.

You can focus on doing things you enjoy. It does not require a lot of money, and you do not have to go anywhere far away. You can learn, explore, investigate, meet new people, join, and have a lot of fun. Being retired offers a wide-open world in which you get to create a new role for yourself, or several new roles. It is all up to you.

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