5 Ways Yoga Benefits Seniors

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Aging is a gift in itself, but it also presents more challenges to your health and lifestyle. For example, according to the CDC, a third of adults over the age of 65 are obese, with the condition being attributed to a lack of physical activity and sedentary lifestyle. Generally, aging comes with a greater risk of life-threatening illnesses, such as cardiovascular complications, respiratory diseases, and diabetes. Other issues that can arise with age include osteoarthritis, joint stress, falls, and more.

To keep these diseases at bay, it is crucial that seniors incorporate physical activities in their daily routines, and this is where yoga comes in. Seniors who regularly practice yoga record better health, have the ability to manage aches and pains, and tend to be more independent in life.

Read on to see why older adults need to practice yoga:

Benefits of yoga for seniors


Improves flexibility and joint health

As you get older, joints stiffen and start to ache as a result of aging, which can lead to the development of arthritis. The tightening of muscles and joints can dispose you to falls and injuries due to lack of flexibility. Yoga exercises can help tone and strengthen muscles by improving joint health. With improved flexibility you are better able to support yourself, which lowers the risk of falling.

Strengthens bones

Yoga exercises can delay the onset of osteoporosis, a condition that causes the bones to become weak and brittle. It typically occurs when bone mass decreases. If not addressed, weakened bones can affect your mobility, making it more difficult to move without assistance. Yoga can work to keep the bones strong, hence preventing the development of osteoporosis.

Reduces stress and anxiety

As you age, you are more likely to suffer from anxiety and stress. Yoga is effective in releasing tension, especially in the shoulders and upper back. It also reduces anxiety, maintains healthy blood pressure, and makes breathing easier. This goes a long way in keeping you safe from cardiovascular and kidney diseases, ensuring you won’t need to take a lot of medication on a daily basis.

Alleviates aches and pains

Yoga teaches you how to relax and manage your pain. It is especially recommended for individuals with osteoarthritis since they are prone to joint pain and aches. Constant pain can impact your life significantly and even keep you away from the activities you love.

Encourages mindfulness

Besides improving your physicality, yoga encourages mindfulness by connecting your body and mind. This is because it focuses on breathing and paying attention to your body, which allows you to have a better and clearer perception of yourself and your surroundings.

Yoga styles for seniors

There are several types of yoga for seniors that can greatly help improve their overall well-being. Here are the top five types to consider:

  • Hatha — This type of yoga is ideal for seniors over 70 because it involves simple movements like stretching and breathing techniques.


  • Iyenger — This  type emphasizes proper form and involves the use of bolsters, straps and, blocks to help yogi achieve proper alignment. It is ideal for seniors with arthritis and other similar chronic conditions.


  • Restorative — This type primarily focuses on slow meditation and intends to help the yogi release tension passively without stretching. It is recommended for seniors who want to relax and calm their minds.


  • Ashtanga — This is one of the more physical yoga styles and can be effective in helping seniors lose weight. It also improves heart rate and blood circulation.

Chair yoga for seniors

For seniors with limited mobility or balance issues, chair yoga can ensure you enjoy all the benefits of yoga while seated. Many poses – from spinal twists to hip stretches, chest opener, and forward bends – can be modified to accommodate seniors with less ability to move about.


No doubt seniors stand to benefit a lot from yoga, a reason practicing it cannot be encouraged enough. Remember, as you age, you need to be more active to avoid developing health problems that are common with age. Through yoga, you are sure to remain healthy and productive in your golden years.

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