Myths and Misconceptions of Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted Living Facilities in Anchorage

Making the big move from the place you have called home for a considerable part of your life to finding the best assisted living home facilities can understandably be a big decision. In a fast-moving and dynamic world, the need for senior living homes has rapidly grown across numerous communities worldwide, including Anchorage, Alaska.

As we age and as we witness our loved ones live through the advanced stages of their lives, there arises an undeniable need for assisted living facilities. When this time comes, the daunting and, at times, the odious task of finding an ideal senior living facility comes into play. Like any other big decision, everyone inevitably has to make at some point in their lives, making a move to a senior living home as well as harbors its well-founded challenges.

What Are The Challenges Involved While Looking For A Senior Living Home?

There are several challenges you might encounter as you try to either decide on whether or not to make a move to an assisted or senior living facility in Anchorage Alaska, or as you try to choose your ideal destination for senior living. These reasons vary from location to price of packages offered. One challenge, however, stands out definitively on its own. The challenge regarding the myths and misconceptions perceived by different people and societies alike on senior living facilities to this date impacts significantly on the elderly population and their loved ones’ decisions.

Below are some of the myths and misconceptions associated with senior living facilities;

Limited Independence

Senior living facilities are establishments meant to provide monitored assistance to the elderly population in our societies. Some wrongly misinterpret the organizational structure of these facilities as an oppressive system intended to deprive our elderly loved ones of their independence and freedom.

This myth is undoubtedly discredited by the very purpose establishments like the Baxter Senior Living facility in Anchorage, Alaska, was created for. Senior living considerably depends on the effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of assistive services to the elderly population housed in a particular senior living facility. The need to fulfill the purpose of making the whole senior living experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible is as far as senior living facilities go in their functions. This does not impede on the independence or freedom of any elderly individual housed within a particular assisted living home.


No More Family And Friends

Another myth associated with moving to senior living homes purports that the move would effectively spell the end of those special moments with our elderly loved ones. You might quite naturally be lured to the odious thought that you might not see your elderly loved one again once they move to a senior living facility with as much frequency as you might have wished to see them.

The organized and structured nature of senior living homes have within their priorities to keep our elderly loved ones safe and monitored at all times. This creates the need for procedural and documented records of visitors and those that come to call on the housed senior population. The presence of these visitor identification and visitation timeline policies appeal convincingly to security and orderly purposes more than they discourage visitation. It is for this reason that this myth is misguiding as it is misinforming because you are not in any way prevented from duly calling on your loved ones to check on them. At Baxter senior living, you can conveniently check on your loved ones whenever you are in or around Anchorage, Alaska.


It is not too far of a stretch to dread loneliness and homesickness when considering a move to a new environment, especially when it involves a permanent move. For our elderly loved ones, moving to a senior living facility can be particularly challenging because they have to move away from where they have spent a considerable amount of time in an environment, they have called home for the better part of their lives.

The thought of separating our elderly loved ones from their friends and family, as well as preceding the familiarities they have often grown fond of, could dissuade you from considering the whole process. This misconception, however, fails to put into consideration the more fitting and advantageous benefits that come with assisted living for our elderly loved ones. Senior living facilities provide the most effective and ideal environments for the elderly population to comfortably and peacefully enjoy the senior living experience.

In a senior living community like the Baxter Senior Living home, your elderly loved ones get the chance to mingle and get to know other older people and share invaluable experiences while making new memories in the process.


Show Solidarity and Support

If you are on the hunt for the best assisted senior living facility in Anchorage, Alaska, for your elderly loved one, there are a few things you might do in a show of solidarity and support. These include;

Be Involved

It may not be the most exciting thing to look forward to, but there comes a specific time when looking for a senior living home becomes necessary. When this time comes, our elderly loved ones need us to be there for them every step of the way. By being actively involved in the process of looking for an assisted living home with your elderly loved one, you are providing them with some much-needed sense of belonging and loving care. This puts them in a state of ease as they become more comfortable knowing someone is caring enough involved.

Be Engaging

Try to find out what your elderly loved one desires or expects of their new home to be, and understand the reasons for any concerns or inhibitions they may have. Ultimately, they are the ones to spend their senior lives in the senior living facility. It is for this reason that it would be vital to put their personal needs and requirements into consideration as you try to find the ideal senior living home. Engaging your elderly loved one would be the best way to find out how they feel about a particular senior living facility or what they expect of an ideal senior living home

Be Positive and Maintain that Home Feeling

Try to always maintain a positive vibe through the whole process of looking for a perfect senior living home for your loved one. They should develop a positive mentality about the move from the get-go while expecting beneficial outcomes from their stay at a particular assisted living facility. This can be further enhanced by the presence of some sentimental personal effects valuable to your loved ones to accompany your loved one to their new home. This provides a homely feeling, which in turn improves comfort and positivity.

Bottom Line

At Baxter Senior Living located in Anchorage, Alaska, your loved ones are sure to experience one of the best assisted living facilities in Anchorage. Providing a home-away-from-home feel to assisted living, your loved ones will receive the best caring and assistive services available in Alaska.



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