Brilliant Senior Mobility Aids You Must Discover!

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Do you have a loved one with mobility issues living in assisted living in Anchorage? Do you want them to have a sense of independence yet worry about their ability to manage on their own? There are a number of awesome mobility aids available for those with physical challenges. Check out the following roundup to see which ones will make your loved one’s life easier.

Car Cane

The Car Cane is a top mobility aid for physically challenged seniors. This nifty device fits securely inside the door latch of most vehicles, allowing a senior to push themselves up to a standing position when exiting a vehicle. It also provides an extra level of support as a senior is attempting to sit inside a vehicle.

Care Cane

Swivel Seat Cushion

A swivel seat cushion makes it easier for those with mobility challenges to sit inside a vehicle. Placed on the vehicle’s seat, this cushion allows a senior to easily rotate to a forward-facing position. In addition to the built-in swivel factor, this helpful device also adds an extra level of cushioning on their derriere.

Swivel Seat

Grabbing Tool

A grabbing tool lets those with mobility issues reach for and grab items out of reach. From a remote control on a coffee table to a pair of slippers near the foot of their bed, a grabbing tool makes it easy to grasp items without standing up.

Grabbing Tool

Mobile Table

A mobile table is another must-have item for those with physical challenges. The legs of this table tuck underneath a chair and the tabletop swivels, making it easy to use to work on puzzles, play card games, or enjoy a meal.

Mobile Table

Motorized Scooter

A motorized scooter can give a senior a true sense of freedom. Instead of hunching over a walker, they can transport themselves to their community dining room, local grocery store, or neighborhood Bingo hall.

Motorized Scooter

Ensuring your elderly loved one has the right mobility aids at their disposal is an excellent way to help them maintain their dignity while they are living in senior care. While some assisted living help is available from caring attendants, your loved one won’t have a care aide at their disposal 24/7. Outfitting their suite with the appropriate devices is an effort you are not likely to ever regret.

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