Things to Consider Before Committing to In-Home Care for in Alaska

In-Home Care for an Alaska Senior

Eventually, a time comes when it is necessary to consider in-home care for an Alaska senior. There are emotional, financial, and practical implications to think about when choosing what is best for all involved, which can make this a difficult topic to navigate.

Many people opt to care for an elderly relative at home. This can be a fulfilling option with numerous benefits, but it is not without its challenges. For those considering if this option is right for them, here are some pointers to help when it comes to comparing options and deciding on the right choice.

Six things to weigh up when choosing in-home care in Alaska

1. What level of care does the relative need?

Sometimes, all that is required is companionship and domestic support with things like chores, money management, and mealtimes. However, some senior care requires heavy lifting, assistance with health and hygiene tasks, dealing with age-related diseases and illnesses like Alzheimers, Dementia or Parkinsons, and 24-hour supervision, which may not be practical to deliver at home.

2. How quickly will the required level of care increase?

Unfortunately, a rapid deterioration of health is sometimes inevitable. It may not be worth making the adjustments needed to facilitate care at home if the requirement for residential support is going to happen sooner, rather than later.

3. Will the home need modifying?

Alaska seniors often require modifications to be made around the home, such as ramps, stairlifts, and handrails. Some homes will require more work than others to facilitate elderly care. Some families build ensuite bedrooms at ground level or even relocate to a new home to accommodate the needs of an elderly relative. The financial implications of assisting a relative at home may mean that other options are a better choice, both financially and for the quality of life of the relative.

4. How many people will be involved?

Other senior care options, such as assisted living or residential home care, are delivered by a team of Carers and professionals working together. Choosing to provide in-home care for Alaska seniors should be no different. Caring without support leads to burnout, isolation, and stress-related health issues. There should be a reliable pool of family members, friends, and external professionals who can create a team around both the Carer and the Relative to ensure at-home care is a success.

5. Who else lives at home?

If other family members are living in the home, particularly children, it is essential to consider what impact this decision may have on them. Young children and babies tend to be noisy, excitable, and require a lot of care and supervision. It may be challenging to meet both their needs and the needs of an elderly relative. Other adults living in the home will also be impacted, an elderly relative in the home will have an impact on social life, domestic routines, and relationships — the decision to care for a relative needs to be what is best for all involved.

6. What support is available for Alaska caregivers?

Depending on the location and situation of both the caregiver and the senior relative, there may be several practical and financial support schemes available to support you. Many people struggle through being a caregiver without support, not realizing that help is available to them. Before making a decision, do some research and find out about what respite care services in Anchorage is available. A family doctor may be able to provide resources or try speaking to other caregiver in the Anchorage area and reaching out to voluntary organizations.

There is a lot to think about when deciding what on the best route to ensuring loved-ones receive the best in-home care in Alaska. Providing care for them at home, is a significant responsibility, and it is essential to make an informed choice that works best for everybody. Hopefully, the six points above provide a good starting point in helping to make an informed choice. If providing in-home care seems like it may not be the best choice for everyone, there is no reason to feel guilty about looking at other alternatives such as assisted living.

Baxter Senior Living provides journey advisors to walk you through the steps of making these hard decisions for your loved ones. We offer Anchorage respite care services on a trial basis to ensure that senior assisted living is right for you and your family. Reach out to us and we can answer any questions you may have.

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