Celebrating Your Alaskan Senior Unique Talent

Alaskan Senior

In today’s culture, everyone is striving to improve their lives and careers. We spend our professional lives chasing our dreams, trying to earn one more degree or certification, and rise to a  higher grow platform. However, have you ever thought about what happens to all the skills and recognition you have gained after you retire? Are you among the one in five seniors who has a hidden unique talent or skill that you have not yet shared with the world? That is why Baxter Senior Living in Anchorage encourages seniors to celebrate their exceptional talents and encourages daily affirmation for seniors.

Positive Affirmation for Your Alaskan Senior

Positive affirmations are statements that can be expressed for recognition of talent and efforts. Positive affirmations can also be shared to positively shape thoughts and feelings,  boost morale, and prevent depression, especially during the long and cold dark Alaskan winter months.

The caregivers at our Anchorage assisted living facility believe that simple affirmations like I am loving and lovable, I can try new activities, I can learn new and exciting things to broaden my abilities can go a long way in encouraging seniors to try out new activities as they become self-aware about their unique talents. Baxter Senior Living has a culture that promotes positive self-talk.  Our seniors are encouraged to daily write down new affirmations and to write notes about their achievements, whether it may be reading a  book, taking a brisk walk for 30 minutes, or sowing a new sweater.

Celebrating Unique Talents

Our Anchorage Senior Living residents are encouraged to recognize their wealth of experience and talent. As the seniors share their talents, the Baxter Senior Living community learns how to embrace the aging process positively. Also, these talents encourage the Alaskan senior residents to remain young at heart as they celebrate life even in their later years. We continuously host events for our residents to socialize and showcase their unique talents, as they receive positive affirmations from their fellow residents and  Alaskan assisted living facility caregivers. The Baxter Senior Living community encourages the Alaskan senior residents to be bold as they take center stage to perform and share their talents. Such events also help boost the morale of the seniors as they enjoy the positive affirmations and recognition that celebrate them. Such events foster opportunities for the audience and the performers to have social events to look forward to as they bond together and celebrate each other. These residential recreational talent events also help the Alaskan senior residents remain active and engaged as they practice their unique talents and keep their minds, bodies, and cognitive functions sharp.

Such events also create opportunities for friends and families to visit as they cheer on their elderly loved ones. With an array of comedians, chefs, artists, dancers, singers, poets, sewers, and pianists, among others, we are quite amazed by the talent of our Alaskan senior residents.

Are you worried about what if you do not have a talent? Well, we will help you identify your unique hidden talent with our variety of residential recreational activities. Perhaps you may have a unique skill of guessing another person’s name based on the sound of their voice; possess a voice made for TV and the radio; or majestic handwriting. We will help you discover your unique talent as we strive to help our residents live a more purposeful life. The holidays are a particularly wonderful time to celebrate our talents and bring joy to each other.

Ideas to Find and Celebrate Talents

Our Alaska assisted living facility uses a few tricks to help our residents find their unique talents. We encourage our Alaskan senior residents to write down things that interest them during their free time. The chances are that your natural talents are linked to your hobbies and leisure activities. Our Anchorage Senior Living facility also encourages seniors to learn to use the Internet rather than watch TV so that they may surf the web and learn new skills, such as gardening tips, speaking another language, or learning a new subject. We help seniors celebrate their talents by celebrating each and every success and achievement.

We believe that the positive affirmations that are shared for each milestone encourage our residents to continuously practice life-long learning as they develop even greater insight and sharpen their talents. By life-long learning perhaps a gardener will learn about a new herb, a chef will learn about a new spice or the techy resident will learn about computer coding. We also help our seniors understand that mastery of a talent is not required to have a talent. We encourage our residents to celebrate even their seemingly smaller successes and we provide the resources to help them reach the finish line and feel proud of their mastery of new skills.


It is Never Too Late to Discover Your Unique Talent

Alaskan seniors can easily become inactivated if they do not have a powerful voice or feel depressed due to a seeming lack of life purpose. Their outer voice is often silenced by a new transition in residence, progression of a healthcare condition requiring additional support, or as their birthdays come near as they become older. It is important that our Alaskan society not overlook their inner voice and unique talents. Baxter Senior Living cheers on our Alaskan senior citizens by providing emotional support and creating opportunities to encourage our residents to discover their inner voices and talents. We have found that the discovery of such inner voices and talents actually plays an essential role over the years to help our Alaskan senior residents improve their health and overall wellness.  Ultimately, Baxter Senior Living Community encourages seniors to be proud of themselves as they age in place and create a life worth living for.

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