Baxter Senior Living Cares for Alaskan Elderly with Alzheimer’s Disease

Alaskan Elderly with Alzheimer’s

We Cares for Alaskan Elderly with Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease can affect our Alaska elderly loved one’s brain and cognitive abilities. The condition starts by taking away our loved one’s ability to think and remember things. In its advanced stages, our Alaskan older adults may lose their ability to carry out even the simplest tasks.

The Anchorage Senior Living resident may first forget about the little details about a recent resident excursion or holiday socialization event. They may then forget about themselves, who they are, their preferences, and may no longer be able to recognize their loved ones.

Baxter Senior Living understands how challenging Alzheimer’s disease may be, and thus specializes in providing memory care services. We hope this informative article will also help you learn more about how you can support an Alaskan elderly loved one with Alzheimer’s disease.

What Causes Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease has affected Alaskans of all ages but is most prevalent among our Alaskan elderly loved ones. Although researchers continue to research and learn more about the causes of Alzheimer’s disease, there is consideration that the condition may be due to genetics, environment, and lifestyle factors.

What Is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is a cognitive condition caused by rapid damage to brain cells by the formation of plaque. The death of brain cells is accompanied by nerve damage, which may cause the elderly loved one to lose some senses. When this happens, some of the protein in the brain stops to function properly and disrupts the normal brain cell functions.

What If My Loved One Has Alzheimer’s Disease?

If your loved one is continuously having trouble thinking, planning, or remembering then it may be time to visit your elderly loved one’s healthcare provider. The Alaskan healthcare provider can properly understand the case of your loved one and help you diagnose and identify the best treatment options accordingly. If the healthcare provider diagnoses your elderly loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, then it may be the high time to consider memory care services.

How Will Baxter Senior Living Care For Your Alaskan Loved One with Alzheimer’s  Disease?

Our assisted living facility in Alaska is intended to support the elderly loved ones with enjoying and continuing on with their daily lives. Our trained memory caregivers compassionately care about our Alaskan senior citizens. Your elderly loved one will enjoy socializing with other residents as they participate in activities that encourage them to practice their cognitive-thinking skills and abilities.

Our Alaskan senior residents also socializing together as they enjoy sharing fresh healthy winter meals prepared by Baxter Senior Living’s very own personal chef. As we understand the importance of healthy nutritious meals, we will ensure that your elderly loved one always has access to nutritious meals and snacks. We carefully prepare the food that matches their medical conditions, healthy eating habits, and preferences. For instance, if your loved one experiences trouble swallowing, then we will ensure that they are served soft foods that are easy to swallow. We usually also serve liquid foods that are thickened by adding cornstarch or gelatin.

Also, as we wish to help our Alaskan senior citizens maintain their feelings of dignity and independence, we will help them eat independently. We may help place food in their spoon, and then the spoon in their hands. We may then guide them as they place the food into their mouth. We will also monitor to ensure they bite, chew, and swallow every bite to ensure they eat safely. The seniors then feel satisfied by their ability to continue feeding themselves healthy nutritious meals.

We also encourage our Alaskan senior residents to talk a walk at least 30 minutes after their meal to help maintain a healthy digestive system, flexibility, and strength.

Our Baxter Senior Living caregivers will also provide 24-7 supervision and premium dementia care in Anchorage, Alaska to ensure that your Alaskan elderly loved one continues to live a healthy, safe, and quality lifestyle during their golden years.

A Note to Remember

At Baxter Senior Living everything is possible. We support our Alaskan senior citizens to maintain their independence, flexibility, and self-pride. Although a healthcare condition such as Alzheimer’s disease may affect their memory and problem-solving skills, there is no reason for the condition to affect their happiness and quality of life. Our assisted living facility in Anchorage, AK is intended to help ease your tension as you trust us for ensuring the optimal health and safety of our Alaskan loved one. We will create individual care plans for each of our residents and will provide them a shoulder to lean on as they overcome the obstacles and celebrate their successes as they accomplish their goals. We believe that the key to senior happiness is having a purpose and we cheer on our Alaskan elderly loved ones as they maintain their motivation.


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