Top 10 Social Activities for Seniors

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Social activities and events aren’t only for people who fit in a certain age group, social activities of all kinds are for everyone! So, if you’re heading towards your older years and are worried about not having enough to do socially anymore, this article can help. Check out the suggestions below and see that there are plenty of things for you to take part in!

  1. Volunteering

If your family is often busy, you may be able to find volunteer opportunities near you. The national association of Voluntary Agencies states that there are more than 6 million active volunteers in the United States and these organizations need people to help with a multitude of tasks all the time. Your age doesn’t matter, nor do your skills; whatever you are able to do, a volunteer organization will be able to set you up in the right place for you.

  1. Talking with Friends or Family on the Phone

Most seniors enjoy connecting with their loved ones using technology like Skype or Facetime and talking about their day over the phone. It’s important to stay connected with those who care about you even if they live far away from you! Don’t discount the value of a phone call simply because you are not in the same room as each other.

  1. Playing Games

This includes bridge, scrabble, chess, gin, poker, and any other game that you enjoy. Games don’t have an age limit, so you shouldn’t restrict your activities because you think you’re too old for them. Not only are these kinds of games the perfect social activity, but they are also a great way to keep your mind active.

  • Taking a Trip Out of Town

One of the advantages of your senior years is that you now have more free time than before. With more free time, and hopefully, less stress now is the perfect time to go on frequent trips out of town. You don’t have to leave the country for two weeks for it to be a vacation. Just a trip out of town for a couple of nights will be more than enough for you to feel refreshed and happy.

  • Beginning An Exercise Regimen

You don’t have to worry about joining a gym, because wherever you live there will be an abundance of exercise classes and activities that you can take part in depending on your interests and abilities, such as yoga, walking, and even aerobics. Of course, if you would rather not be in a class with people you don’t know, get some of your friends together and make a point to go on a walk together every day. As a bonus, those who exercise regularly have a lower chance of developing heart disease and other serious health conditions. Keeping this social routine will help you in more ways than one.

  • Arts and Crafts

Jewelry, cards, paintings, and so much more–taking part in activities that are social and creative will give you a great sense of fulfillment. Just like with the exercise classes, there will often be art and craft classes in your area. If there aren’t any classes available, consider setting one up yourself and inviting your friends to your home on a weekly basis.

  • Attending Lectures

Lectures can be given at schools, universities, and other institutions like museums of art, where they are often free to attend. Open lectures give attendees the chance to learn new things, explore new ideas, and meet new people. By attending lectures, you can have the benefit of learning and socializing at the same time.

  • Going to the Movie Theater

A social activity like going to the movie theater is frequently one that doesn’t even enter people’s minds. For whatever reason, people reach a certain age and feel or are told by others they are now too old to go enjoy the movies. Of course, this is not true. Like most social activities, this one has no age limit. So, grab a few of your friends, fill up on popcorn, and have an evening out at the movie theater.

  • Being a Mentor to Young People

There are certain community programs that are set up to help youths who are at risk or children who have special needs. These programs pair seniors up with children in order to provide a role model and someone to look up to as they grow up. You can impart wisdom, share stories, and become a central figure in someone’s life. These kinds of programs have been shown to be highly successful in creating new opportunities for everyone involved.

  • Going Out for Coffee with Neighbors

Have you ever felt too shy to strike up a conversation with your neighbor? Well, you’re not alone! Social anxiety stops many people from ever getting to know their neighbors, even if they want to. So, be brave and keep in mind that they probably haven’t spoken to you yet because they feel shy too. Arrange a hang out over coffee, and you could end up with a new best friend!

Getting older doesn’t mean you need to stop socializing. Even when big changes happen in your life, there are still options available to you to ensure that you are staying social and enjoying your life with great friends!

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