Tips for Picking an Assisted Living Facility in Alaska

Assisted Living Facility in Alaska

Choosing an assisted living facility in Alaska for ourselves or a loved one can be a daunting task. However, here are a few tips to help you make things easier on the journey to finding a place.First, when considering an assisted living facility, check with the state and assisted living licensing agency’s offices to find out if anyone has filed any complaints against the living facilities. Depending on where you live, the assisted living facility will be licensed by the state and inspected regularly.  Many states have websites available to make this easier, and can even help you find facilities near you that you may not have considered.

When you visit the facility, bear in mind that the person you’re speaking with is probably from the marketing department and that their first job is to promote the assisted living facility. When you entered the facility, were you greeted in a warm manner?  Do the staff members seem to be appropriately dressed and outgoing?  It might be a good idea to try to schedule your visit for a day when they have activities. Are they as warm and outgoing toward the residents as they are to you?

Are the doors and hallways set up to make things easy for a wheelchair?  Does a physician or PA come for regular visits? Does the facility seem to be clean?  For example, do you notice any unpleasant smells while you’re there? Does the smell seem to be concentrated in one area, or is it just generally unpleasant throughout the facility? If it’s the former, it’s probably due to an isolated incident. If it’s the latter, though, it’s probably a good idea to ask around to find out if anybody else has any complaints.  Other things to consider would be whether there is staff available 24 hours a day to meet the residents’ needs. This can include things like help is available with bathing, or going to the bathroom, and other routine tasks.  Is there a physical therapist available? How about a barber or a pharmacy? If this is an issue for your family, are religious services available on a regular basis?

Finally, if applicable,  find out if financial assistance is available. Depending on what state you’re in, a patient on Medicaid may be eligible for assistance covering the cost of care or room and board.


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