Moving into a Senior Living Community – Pet Peeves Nobody Warns You About

Moving into a senior living community

Moving into a senior living community is a time of great transition

Your family and friends will try to convince you of all the benefits of living in a retirement home, but rarely do they tell you about the things that will make you want to pull your hair out. The perks of living in a home for the elderly far outweigh the frustrations, but you should be prepared for things that can make you feel a little ornery in your new home.

– Most seniors facilities seat you at the same table for all your meals. If your tablemates are less than pleasant, you could find mealtimes hard to bear. Be prepared to speak with management if you find the company of your tablemates frustrating. Management will do their best to seat you at a table with people whose company you enjoy.

– Another mealtime factor that can be annoying is having no control over your meals. Many retirement facilities allow you to choose between two options at each meal, but you can’t order what you want like you can at a restaurant. Be prepared for meal boredom to set in, and never say no to an invite from friends and family to take you out for lunch or dinner.

– Living in close quarters with complete strangers can be maddening at first. Whether you’re waiting to use the laundry room or dealing with a know-it-all who lives near your suite, the move from single-home living to retirement living can definitely get on your nerves. Take comfort in the times you get to spend in your suite. Speak with your family about your frustrations; talking about your grievances helps to lighten your load so you don’t feel as though you’re dealing with your new living situation all on your own.

Moving into a senior living community can open you up to a new world of freedom. No longer do you have to worry about repairing your home’s roof, fixing the furnace, or mowing the lawn. While your new freedom is wonderful, it’s definitely not all roses and sunshine. If you’re prepared for the frustrations as well as the perks, you’ll find it much easier to adjust to living in your new surroundings.

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