5 Ways to Prevent Wandering in Alzheimer’s Patient

Alzheimer's Patient

The American Alzheimer’s Association says that 6 out of every 10 people diagnosed with the condition will wander away from home. If an Alzehimer’s Patient is successful at eloping then they can easily become lost or injured. If you have a loved one diagnosed with this condition a senior caregiver can help protect them and prevent wandering in a variety of ways. There are also some changes you can make to your home and routine to keep your loved one safe

Door Alarms

It takes only seconds to install alarms on the doors of your home that will alert you or an in-home caregiver when opened. Sounds can range from a shrill warning alarm to a gentle but easily heard chime and alert you to an elopement attempt. Door alarms come with a touch adhesive strip and are easy to install and operate.

Personal GPS or Alarm

A personal tracking device can be worn by your loved one or attached to his or shoe. Alarms work by sensing proximity to a base; if your loved one wanders out of range, the alarm will sound and let you know an elopement attempt is in progress. Some personal alarms also have GPS tracking, just in case. These alarms are most effective when the patient is willing to wear them and uses them every day.

Set up a Routine

Take the same route for walks and outings and follow the same path through stores and places you visit. If you do become separated, your parent may simply follow the familiar path, making it easier to become reunited.

Hide your Keys

Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients don’t always recognize their limitations, so securing your car keys prevents them from getting behind the wheel. If you have ever seen a “Silver Alert” broadcast on your television or the highway, you’ve seen signs of a senior who has eloped in a vehicle. Preventing elopement by eliminating opportunity is a must.

Opt for In-Home Care

Round the clock supervision is a must for your elderly parent or loved one, and a home health care agency can provide trained team members to keep your family member safe. You can’t be everywhere, every minute, but regular home care can allow you to ensure the safety of your loved ones while you focus on other tasks. A trained professional specializing in dementia and elder care can look after your parent – and give you peace of mind as well.

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