What to Consider When Choosing Anchorage Assisted Living


Reaching retirement age comes with new decisions. An important question aging adults must answer is where will I live when I can no longer maintain my home.

There are several options. Move-in with an adult child, a planned senior community, assisted living facility, or nursing home. Each option speaks to the different needs of the individual or couple.

Anchorage assisted living facilities are a great choice when a senior can care for themself but has health issues.  The facilities provide enough flexibility they can still maintain a high level of independence. In some instances, a property can have both a nursing home and assisted living accommodations.

Others have a small medical facility on-site.

It’s also worth mentioning that these facilities aren’t only for the aging. Some facilities also provide services to individuals with medical conditions that prevent them from living alone.

Are you looking for a facility for yourself or a loved one? Keep reading to learn what you should consider when exploring assisted living in Anchorage.

Why Choose BaxterSeniorLiving.com for Anchorage Assisted Living?

Our facility is focused on senior living. We accept residents who are 62 years old and older. In addition to our long-term residency, we also offer short-term care for individuals who may be in recovery and require care they cannot receive at home.

BaxterSeniorLiving.com goes beyond regular assisted living. We have an extended program that caters to less independent individuals. Our memory care services are geared towards seniors with Alzheimer’s or other memory loss conditions. Having options and the right services can add years to seniors’ lives.

For families in need of respite services, we provide your loved ones with overnight care so you and your family can go on vacation.

They also allow residents to have small pets. Check to see what types of pets are allowed.

24-Hour Care

It should go without saying that an assisted living facility will have trained professionals on duty around the clock. This includes enough staff for a safe staff-to-client ratio. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Before selecting an assisted living facility, check your state’s rules and regulations governing elder care. You’ll also want to check and see if there have been any infractions levied against the facility related to staffing issues.

Keep in mind, seniors relying on assisted care facilities typically cannot live alone any longer. Therefore, having trained professionals on staff at all times is why they are choosing to live in a care facility.

Twenty-four-hour care is considered licensed nurses and trained patient care technicians. Other roles that may fall under accessible care include mental health professionals and physical or occupational therapists.

Maintaining Privacy

Requiring assisted living in Anchorage doesn’t mean giving up your privacy. Unlike some nursing homes, residents in assisted living facilities have private rooms.

It’s like their bedroom at home. It’s their personal space, and the facilities want residents to be comfortable and feel as if it’s their home. Decorations, televisions, and other personal items are allowed. Ask the facility if there are safes available to protect valuables.

Planned Activities

Anchorage assisted living centers aren’t a place for seniors to go and sit in a room all day. Ask the facilities you visit what type of activities they provide.

Seniors must stay active to maintain their physical health. They should also engage in activities that promote robust mental health.

Check references and reviews to see what activities are offered to residents. Meaningful activities should focus on maintaining and improving their motor skills. This can include daily walks, various exercise classes, or offsite activities like shopping.

Engagement activities at these facilities are Bingo and card games, movie night, and even Karaoke.

You’ll want to choose a center that offers transportation. Some residents still want to continue activities like attending church or going to the movies. With technology, residents with limited mobility can now partake in these activities on campus.

Also, check with the facility to see if residents are allowed to have personal transportation onsite.

Daily Meals

Another essential item to check off your list is meal preparation. Assisted living in Anchorage should offer in-room and dining room meal services. Check to see if a licensed dietician is on staff to ensure residents with special dietary needs adhere to those orders.

Additional roles include chefs trained to cook for various dietary requirements. Plus wellness or occupational personnel who are responsible for knowing the needs of each resident

In addition to the three main meals, snacks between meals should also be provided to residents.

Social engagement is essential as we age. The ability for residents to have meals in a shared dining room is vital to their mental health. It also helps build community among residents and maintains their socialization skills.

Housekeeping and Maintenance

A person choosing Anchorage assisted living services gets the added benefit of having housekeeping and maintenance services. Laundry services may also be included as one of many amenities.

Often people leaving their homes to go into an assisted living facility do so because they can no longer keep up with housekeeping and home maintenance. Not having to worry about these tasks can help them become acclimated to their new living arrangement.

Cost of Assisted Living in Anchorage

The cost of the assisted living facility will play a significant role in your final decision. Comparing facility costs is crucial, as well as getting references and reviews.

Make a list of must-haves and research at least five facilities before making a decision.

Give Us a Call

BaxterSeniorLiving.com is an assisted living facility in Anchorage, Alaska, that you can trust to provide the care you or your loved one deserves. We have many amenities and a trained, professional, and caring staff to meet your needs.

When it’s time to choose Anchorage assisted living services, we’d like to be the first on your list.

Baxter Senior Living will bring a best-in-class assisted living and memory care experience to the Last Frontier. Get in touch with our senior living advisor to discuss what we have to offer.

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