Signs Your Parents Need Help At Home


You love your parents and want what is best for them. Though they may want to continue to live in their own home, there are times when it is not possible without some extra help at home. Other times, the only option is to go into an assisted living community where they can get more care.

However, that is never an easy decision to make. No matter how much your parents fight it, you are going to have to help them make a decision that is best for all of you.

There are many signs to look for when you are trying to decide whether or not your parent needs some help at home. Here are some things that you should be looking for (to see if you need to help them out more).

Take the time to visit (and really look at your parents). 

When you are spending time with your parents, you should make sure that they are taking care of themselves. You should study their appearance to make sure that they look like they are bathing regularly and washing their hair. Are their clothes clean?

You also need to watch them as they move around. Are they having trouble getting out of their chair and walking around? Can they do the stairs if they have to? Are they able to go from room to room without assistance? Do you worry about them falling often?

Don’t forget to think about their mental health. You should ask yourself if they are doing well on their own. Would a little help make their life a little easier? Are they forgetting things like eating and taking their pills? Does it look like they need some extra help?

Look around their home.

You don’t really need to snoop around their home but you should check their fridge. Does it appear that they are eating? Is there food in the fridge? Are they throwing out old food that has gotten rotten?

You should make sure that they are getting their mail on a regular basis. Does it look like they are opening it? Are they paying their bills on time or do you see a lot of late notices?

You may even want to look into their medicine cabinets. There is nothing wrong with counting medications to make sure that they are taking them correctly. You should notice if there are too many (or too few) pills.

Talk to their doctor about their condition. 

A doctor, especially one who has seen them for a while, will be able to discuss their medical condition with you. The doctor should be able to explain what you should expect with their medical conditions in the future. Many doctors will be able to tell you how much help they need.

Making a decision for your parents can be difficult. You want to rest easy knowing that they are happy and are taken care of. However, it can be hard to figure out whether or not your parents just need some extra help (or they need to go to an assisted living facility). You are going to want to keep an eye on them to see if they are eating well and taking care of themselves. Are they taking their medications the way that they should? If you are really concerned, you may want to bring it up to their doctor. He or she can help you decide what is best for your parents.

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