A Holiday Time to Reflect on Memories We Shared


Now that we have come to the end of the year, we are ushering in a new decade altogether. Here at our Anchorage Senior Living facility, we believe that we should cherish our memories with our fellow residents whom we have a deeper connection with. The individuals who help get us back on our feet every time we feel that there is no hope. So today, we are here to celebrate the moments that we shared with our Alaskan assisted living facility senior residents as a family. As we create new memories during this holiday season, we also reflect on the memories of our resident family members whose journeys have ended but continue to live on in our precious memories.


Stories We’ve Shared

We want you to think of a story that you shared with loved ones who are now gone, who we believe are now watching us from afar, and smiling down as they celebrate the holidays together.

As we don’t live in a perfect world, it is essential to realize that these memories are the richest treasures that we might have shared with our loved ones who have passed on. As they live on in our thoughts and prayers, and as we keep them in our hearts each day, we sit around this table on this holiday day to celebrate their presence and impact on our lives.

Such reflections remind us about the importance of holding on to each moment and not taking anything for granted. We need to strive to create even more beautiful moments for our present and future moments will soon become memories.

At Baxter Senior Living, we aspire of our Alaskan senior residents and their families to remember that they continue to hold a vital place in our hearts. You are the apple of our eyes and we are here to protect you and ensure you enjoy a quality life during your golden years.

Prepare for our Future

As we prepare for a better future and hope for a better world for our future generations, we also need to accept and embrace all the obstacles and successes that we endure and face. We also need to remember that we are stronger together, and the strength of our Alaskan assisted living facility depends on the happiness and health of our Alaskan senior citizens. Today is a special day for each one of our seniors and caregivers, as we recognize the role that they have played in our Alaskan assisted living community.


Also, as we reflect on our memories we need to think about the time that we provided emotional support to one another. The times we provided each other a shoulder to cry on or depend on. The times we wiped away each other’s tears and turned the frowns upside down. Even during the coldest and harshest days, we need to remember to be self-aware about all that we have achieved and helped each other achieve during this decade.

And, as we smile and shed tears of joy together, I beseech you to narrate a beautiful story in your heart, for the loved ones whom we thought would continue to be here today, but did not make it, and might never make it.

Now a new decade is dawning, and we don’t have the fullest idea about what the next decade has in store for us. But we refuse to be afraid. We know that we have a family and that the bind we have is too strong to be moved by even the strongest challenges. So we are ready. We are ready to journey on and keep changing lives here in our Anchorage assisted living home. We have a purpose to serve, and we are going to keep jumping over our greatest hurdles. Our bones speak one language, and that is about what is most important to us.


If you are here to celebrate with us this holiday season or are considering joining our family then please remember that we will always open our arms and hearts for new senior members. Kindly join us and let us keep warming hearts this holiday season. We are here to encourage our Alaskan senior residents to continue to create goals and live life with a purpose. We are courageous enough to say that there is still a lot that needs to be done and we are excited to share our new advancements and developments that will come with the new decade. So today, as we sit here, we are going to set a new milestone for the new decade. Since each day comes with an opportunity to grow and get better, senior living in Anchorage will never be an exemption.

So, as we prepare this holiday season for a new decade, let us set new goals and work together to make sure that our goals are achieved. So let us remember that we have the unimaginable capacity. Together we can create a world that is more sustainable for our Alaskan seniors and those generations to come.

New Opportunities

Therefore, let us be happy together this holiday season and open new opportunities to be even happier. For as long as we are here today, let us feast together with great merriment. Let us reminisce about the moments that we shared and the memories we cherish.

If you are here, but you lost an elderly loved one, we are sorry. It is a loss that is felt in every corner of this senior living facility. I want you to know that we are here for you and that you are not suffering alone, and that we will continue to ensure that our angels rest as peacefully as possible. Also, I want you to know that your loved one is happy that you still love them and are proud that you are carrying on their legacy. Talk to them and let them know that you will meet again soon. And that you will continue to remain self-aware, exercise, eat healthy winter nutritious meals, and learn. You will strive to become as strong as possible to continue to maintain a healthy body and mind as you continue to age in place at your Anchorage assisted living home.

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