5 Questions to Ask Before Moving a Loved One into an Alaska Retirement Community

Alaska Retirement Community

If you are considering moving a loved one into an Alaska Retirement Community, it is imperative you feel at ease with your loved one’s new surroundings. Asking questions of facility management when searching for a retirement home can make both you and your loved one more comfortable with choosing one. Following are five crucial questions you should ask before making a final decision:

– Do you offer care upgrades? Once you move your parent or grandparent into a retirement facility, you want to be sure you can move them into assisted living should their needs change as they age.

– Are all units the same size or can you pay for an upgraded suite? If your loved one is still able bodied, you might want to pay for extras like a full-size stove, fridge, shower, or extra square footage.

– Who is responsible for suite cleaning? You’ll want to know ahead of time if your family is responsible for cleaning your loved one’s suite, or if the retirement facility provides a cleaning team. Care aides are there to take care of your loved one’s health and welfare needs, but they aren’t usually allowed to vacuum, dust, or clean dirty dishes.

– Are transportation services provided, and if so, can those vehicles accommodate a walker or wheelchair? Family won’t be able to visit every day. You want to make sure your parent or grandparent has adequate access to transportation to take them to medical appointments.

– Are precautions being taken by the facility to ensure Alzheimer’s residents with violence issues are kept away from the rest of the general population? It’s not pleasant to think about, but there are an increasing number of assaults happening in retirement homes due to dementia patients gaining access to frail residents who can’t defend themselves.

Asking the right questions before you move a loved one into a seniors home can help you feel more comfortable with your decision. Make a list of concerns and don’t be afraid to ask numerous questions before choosing a facility. Transitioning into a retirement home is a momentous life event; having the right answers beforehand can take some of the stress out of the move.

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