When looking into facilities for Senior Living in Anchorage, AK, you may be surprised by the abundance of choice.

These days, the transition into assisted living options is often a positive and tranquil process for those involved.So what are the best in-home care alternatives for senior citizens living in Anchorage? And what are some of the best respite care services to look out for?

In addition to our incredible facilities at Baxter Senior Living, we’ll talk you through some of options in and around Anchorage, AK.

1. Baxter Senior Living

To start, we’ll talk you through our own assisted living community here on Baxter Road. We offer the highest quality care and resources for your loved ones, with our assisted living and assisted living plus options.

We also have some of the best memory care services available, which is a distinct community for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Take a look at our virtual tour and activities calendar for a better idea of life at Baxter Senior Living. We enable our residents to take part in their favorite hobbies, socialize, and enjoy our wide range of entertainment facilities.

2. St. Anne Assisted Living Home

Next up, we’ll take a look at St. Anne Assisted Living Home. They specialize in dementia care and have staff on hand 24 hours a day to help with basic living and grooming needs.

St. Anne’s also has secure facilities with door and window locks and alarms. They accept and protect residents who are prone to wandering.

Three meals are provided daily in the communal dining room. Devotional services and other activities are also available on-site.

3. Thomas Center for Senior Leadership

Another assisted living option to take a look at is the Thomas Center for Senior Leadership. Different housing options are offered here, including one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and studio apartments.

Located on Tudor Road within the grounds of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, the Thomas Center is a nondenominational community. It boasts a craft room, fitness center, and barbeque patio area.

Residents can also enjoy activities such as Bible studies, book clubs, clay modeling, and gardening. Meals are charged separately for greater convenience and flexibility.

4. Muldoon Manor

If you’re looking into different facilities for assisted living in Anchorage, don’t overlook Muldoon Manor. Muldoon Manor offers 19 one-bedroom apartments that have been designed specifically for seniors.

If your loved one is looking to transition out of their long-term family home, and into an assisted living set-up, this could be a great option. The apartments are unfurnished, meaning residents can bring their favorite pieces of furniture and knick-knacks with them.

The staff at Muldoon Manor facilitate socializing amongst residents and community activities. In addition to personal kitchens within the apartments, there is also a common kitchen and a laundry room on-site.

5. RJP Home Care Services

Next, RJP Home Care Services is located in a quiet neighborhood of Anchorage. If your loved one is looking for a calming and restful option, RJP might be the right choice.

Its facilities can host just 5 residents, meaning there is a personal and tight-knit community here. Private and semi-private rooms have been specially designed for seniors, with all floors carpeted in the case of falls.

The property is wheelchair-accessible, and physical health activities are planned by the 24-hour staff.

6. Anchorage Pioneer Home

When looking for a senior living facility in Anchorage, why not take a look at the Anchorage Pioneer Home. Situated in the center of the city’s historical district, the Anchorage Pioneer Home has the capacity for 168 residents.

Meals and housekeeping services are provided, along with pharmacy facilities. The Anchorage Pioneer Home cares for residents at different levels of needs, hosting residents aged from their mid-60s to over 100 years old.

7. George Sullivan Manor

Next, one of the top senior communities in Anchorage is George Sullivan Manor. Found in the downtown area, this is a good option if your elderly relative is still active, and able to get out and about. It is in close proximity to shopping, dining, and medical facilities.

A multipurpose common room is available for residents to enjoy games, activities, and birthday parties. There is also a laundry room and a rooftop decking area, all accessible via elevator.

8. Golden Hearts, Inc.

Yet another choice for senior living in Anchorage is Golden Hearts, Inc. This Blackberry St. facility, located near the airport, takes pride in offering safety as well as entertainment to its residents.

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