Ways Alaskan Senior Loved Ones Can Show Us How To Weather Difficult Storms

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Over the years, we have endured various harsh disasters such as famine, disease, outbreaks, world wars, floods, earthquakes, fire outbreaks, snow blizzards, and other storms. These hazardous occurrences have threatened to erase humanity, but human beings have endured. People have always found suitable ways to defeat and overcome these disasters by staying together and following the advice of experts. However, the damage and losses caused by these problematic storms have left scars to recall.

A pandemic outbreak is one disaster that has continued to pose a significant threat to human beings. Some disease outbreaks that have ravaged humanity include the plague of HIV/AIDS pandemic, influenza pandemics, the Black Death, the measles epidemic, and the current Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

COVID-19 is an invisible, highly infectious disease that spreads through coming in close contact with an infected person or surface. It can catch anyone, regardless of age, gender, nationality, economic status, and race.

Although seniors are highly susceptible, actions can be taken to prevent seniors from becoming sick. As a leading senior living facility in Anchorage, Alaska, we are enlisting a few essential measures to support our seniors during this emergency situation. Below are some protocols we have learned from other storms that we can enlist to get past this global coronavirus pandemic and other severe storms.:

Following the Government’s Guidelines

Among the lessons learned from previous storms is the importance of a country isolating from matters or affairs of other countries. It is important to put aside other political affairs and to focus on what is best for the health of the elderly adults. It is important for the government to ensure that adequate supply is available for those who are sick and in quarantine.

The government has the responsibility to ensure every citizen is safe. In times of a crisis, a pandemic, or war, the government will quickly take necessary measures to help protect its people. The government is the leader that facilitates communication and coordination in times of a severe storm. Fortunately, this strategy by governments has helped in mitigating disasters. For instance, in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, governments have shared guidelines for containing this disease.

Governments continue to emphasize the importance of maintaining high levels of hand hygiene and social distancing. By following these guidelines, we can help flatten the curve by preventing the spread of COVID-19. Baxter Senior Living caregivers’ educates seniors and staff about how they follow these preventive measures to overcome this pandemic.

Learning Lessons From Other Storms

The senior citizens are wise and have gained strength and knowledge from other such storms. Over the years, seniors have faced various challenges but eventually learned how to overcome them. They have learned how to overcome disease outbreaks, wars, floods, and other such conditions.

Alaskan seniors have learned the importance of not allowing fear to take the better part of us. Remember, fear has been one contributor to the vast destruction and negative impact caused by unexpected crises. People need to be very courageous and brave during this trying time when the coronavirus is spreading at an alarming rate.

The elderly adults who are at risk can capitalize on lessons learned from previous disease outbreaks such as Ebola, influenza, Bubonic plague, and smallpox. As there are actions that can be taken to prevent becoming sick and control the pandemic, seniors have learned how not to panic. They ought to let go of fear and use measures that have worked in the past, such as self-isolation and hand hygiene.

Understanding the Importance of Early Testing

Although a vaccine and cure does not yet exist, introducing a timely and effective testing protocol is one of the best ways to flatten the curve. Testing has been used in the past to fight pandemics and epidemics. Testing continues to be beneficial for the current coronavirus pandemic. This strategy helps in early identification of a disease to help contain it before it becomes severe. .

Testing for this viral disease is important to identify how many people have it and how many have recovered. Then necessary measures, preferably isolation, are recommended to those infected to prevent the spread of this disease. The elderly have learned the importance of early testing, symptom treatment, and practicing healthy habits to boost their immunity.

Staying Informed and Knowledgeable

Confidence is crucial during times of uncertainty and disaster management. People need relevant and reliable information to overcome a crisis like a pandemic, famine, or war. Misinformation, which is very common when there is a pandemic or any other disaster out to be avoided.

When it comes to containing a pandemic, reliable information and knowledge are very crucial. Essential and accurate guidelines, news, and updates need to reach people as fast as possible to determine the people infected, the hot zones for disease, and how the virus can be contained to flatten the curve.

This is a strategy that was used during World War II. The British government used spies and secrecy to receive and spread accurate information to its citizens during the war. This method helped prevent the spread of harmful information and too much propaganda.

Elderly adults have learned the importance of accurate information and knowledge. Such information will help everyone, including the elderly, who are particularly vulnerable to this virus.

Understanding the Importance of Self-Isolation

Our Alaskan Seniors have learned how to weather previous storms through self-isolation and social distancing. They have the strength to self-isolate to prevent the spread of this viral disease and use technology to continue to interact with loved ones. Self-isolation can result in various mental health challenges and the seniors know that they can depend on the available resource to help them stay healthy and weather the storm. As such, there is restricted access to senior care facilities, hence reducing the likelihood of introducing COVID-19 into the facility from an outsider.

Weather the Difficult Coronavirus Storm

The COVID-19 pandemic has created quite a storm. Not only has it claimed lives, but it also led to a severe economic crisis. Yet, there is a possibility of weathering the storm so that we can come out stronger when the calm settles and the rainbow appears. Some previous measures and lessons, such as the ones above, associated with past pandemics and disasters, have been found useful in containing this infectious disease. Baxter Senior Living continues to update the seniors under their care on what is going on regarding this pandemic. Here, the elderly loved ones are not only safe but also informed on ways they can help flatten the curve and weather the difficult storm.


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