Tips to Help Aging Parent’s Transition into Assisted Living in Anchorage

Transition into Assisted Living in Anchorage

We have the amazing joy of being able to have more and more productive years with our parents, grandparents and aging relatives. With those years come some tough conversations that need to be had. Tough subjects such as, navigating medicare and social security systems and learning more about conditions and ailments that often affect the elderly population. One of the toughest subjects that you may encounter is how to help aging parent’s transition into assisted living in Anchorage.

How to Talk to a Loved One About Assisted Living in Anchorage

One of the most important things that you can do is approach this topic with love and respect. Be kind and gentle. Do not assume you are right and have all of the answers. Have a genuine conversation with your loved one about what their needs are.

While you may be concerned for his safety and well-being, it’s important that you don’t place your desires over and above his own.


Assess the Situation

When making a decision like this, you should try to deal in facts as much as possible. You may want to keep mom at home with you, but you have to consider whether or not that is actually a viable option. You want to make sure that your family member or loved one is getting all of the care that they need. On the other hand, just because you are not there all day, every day, does not mean that your senior loved one can’t make it on their own.


It is good to discuss the needs of your senior loved one with them, but also with their doctors and other caregivers, such as HHAs. This will help you to be sure that you are assessing the situation correctly.

Address Concerns

It is perfectly normal for a senior to have objections to moving to assisted living. Some objections may be a mere misunderstanding. For example, many people are afraid of losing their independence by moving into an assisted living community. However, assisted living is there to provide support so that a person can continue to live as independently as possible while getting the help they need. People in assisted living still control their own schedules and activities, they can still keep their possessions and they can even bring their dog or cat with them.

There are other concerns, such as downsizing, relocating and fear of change that are not so easily answered. You should address these concerns honestly and head on.

Test Drive a Community with Respite Care

You should definitely visit any community before you consider helping your senior loved one to move there. In many cases, you can even arrange for short stays (respite care services in Anchorage) that will allow the senior to check out the community and meet the staff. This may even help them to feel more comfortable with the place.

When possible choosing a place local to home and where the senior has visited creates a sense of familiarity which will make the transition easier.

Don’t Be Pushy

Being too aggressive may get a stubborn reaction from your loved one. This should be a decision that you help them make. Gently guide them and support them, but do not try to force or pressure your senior loved one to make this decision.

Stay Positive

Keep things on a positive note. Make this a move to look forward to. Consider the new friends and lovely environment. Remind your loved one they will be able to do more things and enjoy them when there is help with chores they find burdensome. Make sure your senior friend or family member understands that you love them and your only interest is their well being.

Assisted Living in Anchorage at Baxter Senior Living

At Baxter Senior Living, we work to ensure that our community is an extension of your loved ones family. If you are at a place in your life that you need to discuss Anchorage Assisted Living, Anchorage Memory Care, or Anchorage Respite Care please reach out today.

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