The Benefits of Seniors Volunteering

Seniors Volunteering

Almost every assisted living senior that volunteers says that giving their time provides a bigger sense of purpose. Studies show that those who donate their time to help others, lead healthier and longer lives. It makes the person volunteering feel good! More and more seniors, who give their time, are finding out this to be true. At Baxter Senior Living, we have created multiple programs that foster vibrant living.

When it comes to engaging in activities with friends or seniors volunteering in Anchorage, we want to help residents get back to the world around them. Our assisted living and memory care community find joy giving back. Just because seniors may be living in retirement, doesn’t mean that they’ve hung up their hat for helping.

Those who need assisted living can maintain a great level of independent living and ability to use their skills, talents, knowledge and experience to give back.

One of the key benefits of volunteering is social support. Many seniors are at risk for social isolation and aging-related stresses. Research suggests that decreased social activity and loss of social networks may contribute to isolation and dependency.

Promote Senior Health

Studies show that movement and exercise can help seniors deal with problems like arthritis, heart disease and a multitude of other health issues. Not only does it ward off depression but it also enhances wellbeing, sense of purpose, self-confidence and personal growth.

Volunteering Provides Consistency

Another key to a successful volunteering is consistency. It provides a valuable thrive by maintaining a routine schedule. Most volunteer opportunities occur on a regular basis, which gives seniors a sense of purpose and something they can look forward to. In fact, seniors, themselves, often times, are the ones who discover opportunities to give back, and we love to help them do this.

Volunteering helps seniors forge bonds and personal relationships

Volunteering really forges bonds and creates valuable social interaction. Through these friendships, our residents remain involved and connected to the local Anchorage communities.

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Helpful Volunteer Links

Here are some helpful links of volunteer opportunities around Anchorage or ones that can be done remotely.

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