Planning for Your Loved Ones: Anchorage Assisted Living vs In Home Care

Anchorage assisted living vs in home care

What are some of the differences between Anchorage assisted living vs in home care? Why should you consider pursuing assisted living facilities for senior living in Alaska?

Do you have a senior in your family currently benefiting from in-home care? Are you looking into care options for people in your family?

Deciding on the right care for your loved ones is important. After all, the different care options present different benefits, and you want your family member to have the best senior living situation possible.

Below, we’ll show you the differences between assisted living and in-home care, giving you the best options for senior living in Alaska.

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Anchorage Assisted Living

Seniors add a lot to our lives and communities. They give us love and often provide perspectives we wouldn’t have otherwise thought of ourselves. Often, they’re also the people who cared for us when we were younger. Now, it’s our turn to provide them with the best care possible.

If you’ve ever Googled “assisted living near me” or “senior living near me,” you probably want to know the pros and cons of living in an assisted living center.

As loved ones grow older, they often require additional care. When it happens to your relatives, you want to know the best options for them. You need something that combines a good balance of professional living assistance with social activities and other events that keep them healthy and happy.

In assisted living facilities in Alaska, residents are able to receive help with their physical care. It’s ideal for people who need help with basic needs, such as bathing, physical therapy, or medication management. It also gives them the freedom to live full social lives, improving their quality of life.

The Difference Between Assisted Living Centers and Nursing Homes

When many people think of assisted care centers, they picture nursing homes.

Nursing homes provide an essential service. They provide the highest level of medical care outside of a hospital and give residents a place to live. They’re best for people who need the utmost level of care, and many of them also feature events that seek to socialize their seniors and provide them with a high quality of life.

Yet, nursing homes are more medical care-focused. They’re best for people whose quality of life is most dependent on in-depth care. Generally, they are considered short-term options.

Assisted living facilities, on the other hand, let seniors to live on their property and provide some medical care while allowing them to have a robust social life.

The Positives of Housing Your Loved One in an Anchorage Assisted Living Facility

When your loved one enters an assisted living facility, they receive a fantastic combination of personal care and freedom to more independent lives. They are perfect for people who need a little bit of assistance but can otherwise live independently.

Still, they often have increased access to medical care. Most sites have nurses on-call, and doctors often meet patients at the facility.

In-Home Care

So, what about in-home care? What are some of the benefits and drawbacks of taking care of a loved one at home?

In-home care often consists of seniors being cared for in their own home. Often, these professionals carers visit these people, helping them manage their medication and take care of their daily needs, from meal preparation to dressing and bathing. They also help with household chores and running errands.

For many seniors, this is an adequate option. The receive the care they need, and they’re able to age in a place that’s familiar to them.

While in-home care focuses on helping people age in the comfort of their homes, it doesn’t provide the seniors with a community created specifically for them. In addition, they won’t have access to 24/7 medical services, as they would in an assisted living community, prompting many to seek in-home care alternatives.

Making the Choice Between Assisted Living vs In Home Care?

So, how do you decide between assisted living vs in home care?

The decision should be based on what’s best for your loved one. Both have their benefits, but in many cases, the elderly find themselves thriving in assisted living communities, which have been designed with their well-being in mind.

Living at Baxter Senior Living an Anchorage Assisted Living Community

When many people think of placing their loved one in the best assisted living community, they are concerned about whether or not their relatives will get the best care. Some might even feel a bit bad, but when your loved one lives at Baxter Senior Living, they don’t have to worry.

Here at Baxter, your family is our family, and that’s what makes us the best assisted living community in Anchorage. We employ a staff of caring and professional employees, including full-time, licensed nurses.

We also have memory care services, helping those who have Alzheimer’s or other memory problems. We have a 24-hour staff who have the training to help people with Alzheimer’s and dementia live their fullest lives.

In addition, we offer respite care, in which people stay at our facility and enjoy our care for a shorter period of time.

We also emphasize the need for seniors to be able to go out and perform activities. As such, we feature an on-site salon and nail care place, as well as a garden and pavilion, library, movie theater, gym, cafe and bar, a quiet room, and a sun room. We also provide spaces for events, ensuring all of our residents live their most active and healthy lives.

Because of this, you need not feel guilty when you leave your loved one at our facility. After all, we’re the best assist living community in anchorage and offer the best memory care services and best respite care services.

Ready to Get Senior Living Care?

Now that you know the differences between assisted living vs in home care, you are equipped to make the best choice for your loved one.

Both assisted living facilities and in-home care will provide the care your loved one’s needs. Yet, when it comes to supporting their entire health, you also need a place designed to give them the most well-rounded life.

Need senior living in Anchorage that will care for you loved one well? Contact Baxter Senior Living today!

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