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From understanding long-term care options and tips for improving quality of life to local news and events – we cover it all. Our content is a free resource designed to assist family members and seniors in navigating the world of senior care.

Dive in, explore our posts, and enrich your knowledge about assisted living, home care, nursing homes, and more in the Alaskan context.

Postcard saying Greetings from Alaska: Retirement in Alaska: Exploring Ideal Locations for Your Golden Years

Retirement in Alaska: Exploring Ideal Locations for Your Golden Years

As the twilight years beckon, many find themselves drawn to the rugged beauty and untamed wilderness of Alaska for their retirement. The Last Frontier offers ...
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Senior woman looking confused

Understanding Memory Loss: When to Seek Help

Memory loss is a common occurrence in our daily lives, but sometimes it can signify underlying issues that require attention. If you’re uncertain whether memory ...
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Two cartoon seniors imagining and writing Bucket List Ideas

Bucket List Ideas for Seniors: Embracing Adventure and Fulfillment in Later Life

As individuals reach their golden years, they often reflect on life’s experiences and aspire to fulfill cherished dreams and aspirations. A bucket list serves as ...
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Anchorage Alaska Skyline

Exploring Anchorage’s Rich History: Must-Visit Museums and Landmarks

Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city, boasts a vibrant history waiting to be explored through its exceptional museums and landmarks. Here are four captivating destinations that offer ...
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Granddaughter with her arms around grandmother looking at grandmother face to face smiling

Adjusting to an Assisted Living Community: A Guide for Seniors and Their Families

Transitioning to an assisted living community can be a significant life change for seniors and their families. Whether due to health concerns, safety considerations, or ...
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Grandmother and Granddaughter sitting outside on a park bench talking

20 Questions to Ask a Grandparent or Senior Loved One

Few relationships are as cherished and meaningful as those with our grandparents. They are the keepers of family stories, wisdom, and a treasure trove of ...
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Senior woman smiling working in the garden

12 Tips to Enhance a Senior’s Well-Being

Depression in adults can manifest at any age, with its signs and symptoms often intensifying in the elderly due to increased chronic conditions and diminished ...
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three senior men sitting next to each other smiling

10 Steps to Combat Social Isolation and Dementia Risk

In an age where social connections are more important than ever, addressing social isolation among older adults has become a critical priority. Beyond its immediate ...
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Memory Care in Anchorage Alaska

Memory Care in Anchorage Alaska

The aging human body brings physical and cognitive changes, a normal part of the aging process. Many older individuals will notice that they experience differences

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