Overcoming the Challenges to Aging in Alaska

aging in Alaska

There is no denying the fact that aging in Alaska has a unique set of challenges and barriers. From the extreme climatic conditions to geographic isolation, there are a lot of factors that impact healthy aging in Alaska. Baxter Senior Living is on a mission to provide and support seniors with a residential setting that will help them enhance their independence, pursue their interests, and graciously age in place. If you need help on how to ease the transition into Senior Housing in Alaska you can read more here. As we celebrate National Assisted Living Week, let’s try our best to promote good health and healthy behaviors among seniors and provide them the opportunity to create new friendships, have fun, and live life to its fullest.

Increasing Need for Elder Care in Alaska

Over the last 50 years, Alaska has witnessed several sociodemographic changes that has resulted in a high number of diverse and urban populations with a growing number of adults over 65 years of age. As per the Department of Aging in Alaska, the number of seniors will double during the next 20 years. People age all over the world but aging in Alaska is quite drastic. Aging in Alaska is a unique opportunity and differs from aging in the other states. Demographic factors and temperatures result in the need for special elder care in Alaska.

Are you wondering why senior care is important in Alaska?

Supporting our Alaska seniors

As we become wiser with age, physical, cognitive, and psychological declines sometimes also tend to tag along. There comes a time when we may require a bit extra support to be able to maintain feelings of independency and confidence. Baxter Senior Living is here to ensure that no disability, health limitations, or age attributes can be a hindrance for helping the seniors lead a happy and healthy life. The Baxter Senior Living caregivers who support Alaskan seniors always provide a helping hand to ensure that the seniors are comfortable continuing to achieve all of their goals.


Empathy and companionship.

Sometimes as we become wiser, materialistic wishes may become less important. Instead, our needs may focus more on receiving love and companionship. The Baxter Senior Living caregivers will compassionately care for the seniors and help fill their hearts. The caregivers enjoy listening to and discussing with the seniors, and providing healthy companionships so the seniors may feel comfortable sharing the matters of their mind, heart, and daily lives.

As we age and transition into our new homes, we may seek emotional support from an non-judgmental and understanding friend who will listen to us, understand us, and be there for us through all of the excitements and hardships. The caregivers become the companions for the seniors, by always accompanying them, providing attention, listening ears, and open hearts so that the elders may feel happy about having trusted companions.

Maintaining independence

As we age, we may need to compensate for changes and the fact that we may seek extra support as we may no longer be able to perform the activities that we used to. The seniors never wish to be a burden on their families and prefer to enjoy an independent life. An independent life to maintain their self-confidence and so they do not need to feel like a bother to anyone due to their health declines. As challenging as it may be, families may need to consider seeking support from a trusted source to help their loved ones.

At Baxter Senior Living, we support our seniors with taking a stroll through the garden for some fresh air, eating, preparing nutritious meals, dressing, bathing, using the bathroom, transferring between a bed and a chair, laundry and housekeeping, and maintaining engagement with social support and activities. Recreationally, we enjoy trips to shopping malls and local excursions. We help our seniors feel as engaged and independent as possible. We are flexible and passionately do everything we can to help our seniors live happily and live how they wish to live. We encourage them to create personal goals so that they have motivation. Whenever they need a helping hand, the caregivers are available to immediately help them.


Medical care and emergencies

Medical conditions and declines in abilities are often connected to aging. Thus, in such circumstances, it is always necessary that someone should always be available to support our Alaskan seniors. At Baxter Senior Living, we provide trained professionals to relieve stress from loved ones and help seniors feel they are healthy, effectively managing their chronic conditions, receiving daily wellness checks, taking their medications on time, and visiting doctors frequently. As we age, there can also be increased risks of slips, falls, attacks, strokes or any other emergency, which would require immediate assistance. We assure our families that we care for our seniors as though they are our own family. The seniors receive care from medical experts and professional caregivers who will always take the extra steps to ensure wellbeing and provide our seniors with medical help as often as possible and immediately.

We aspire for our seniors to live happily, healthily, confidently, and with assurance that immediate medical help and a friendly helping hand is always available.

Selecting the Right Senior Care Home in Alaska

Though now we know the clear importance of elder care to support the Alaskan elders with aging, we need to consider other factors also. It is just as important to ensure you are sending your elders to the appropriate senior living residence that is best for them and will provide the best care. So, let’s discuss a few factors that you need to consider to ensure you select the right senior care residence:

Professional caregivers

From first aid, managing chronic conditions, and immediately addressing emergency situations, it is important to consider if the senior care home has professionally trained and highly experienced caregivers that you can depend on for any need that may arise. Elder justice is so important as our elders are more vulnerable to abuse, exploitation, and neglect. The caregivers should be highly certified, professional, and compassionate. Your loved one should receive individualized care that is unique and is best tailored to their needs and desires. Your loved one should not just feel like another number, they should feel highly loved and cared for. The senior care home should always exceed your expectations and ensure that you are also frequently updated and engaged. They should request your support and guidance to create the best care plan specific to your loved one. They should ask you about your loved one’s interests, hobbies, and previous experiences. As we age, our memories may sometimes decline so the knowledge about previous experiences can help caregivers create the best individualized solutions.

Senior care services:

From medical help to companionship, there is a lot that is expected and needed. In this aspect, you need to have a look at all the services which the senior care home would provide. It is important to ensure that your loved one would feel healthy and comfortable. You need to not only consider the current situations but also anticipate needs for the future. As we age, our limitations may decline, so the senior care home must be able to accommodate and adjust care plans accordingly.


As the housing is your loved one’s new home, the facility should feel welcoming and like a home. The facility should not feel like a hospital but rather a place where your loved one would feel comfortable spending their days. A beautiful home with decorations and stellar amenities. A place where all staff truly nurture and care. A home away from home.

Though there are many factors to consider and challenges to aging in Alaska, the good news is that there is reliable elder care in Alaska for seniors. Baxter Senior Living always strives to exceed expectations. Whether it is about the health of your elders or their happiness, the caregivers at Baxter Senior Living will take care of everything so that your elders can live happily, healthy, and motivated to live their best life.


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