Moving Into Anchorage Eldercare – Top Frustrations Seniors Often Face in Assisted Living

Anchorage Eldercare

Top Frustrations Seniors Often Face in Assisted Living

Are you an Anchorage senior facing a move into an assisted living facility? Has your health deteriorated and now you need to be a medically supervised environment? Before you sell most of your belongings and move into assisted care, it is imperative you understand some of the frustrations you’ll face. Discuss the following issues with your loved ones to help make the transition to supervised Anchorage elder care a bit easier to bear.

  • Mealtime can be especially challenging when you move into an assisted living facility. Many Anchorage seniors are used to cooking their own meals at times of their choosing. When you move into an assisted living environment, your mealtimes will be set for you and you’ll have little say over your meal choices. Getting used to the loss of control over something as basic as eating can be a tough pill to swallow.
  • Speaking of swallowing pills, vitamins and medications are usually locked away when you move into assisted living. Nurses will dispense your prescription medications and vitamins to you. No longer will you have control over your non-prescription pills like vitamins and cold/flu products. Assisted living facilities often have numerous Alzheimer and dementia residents who can have a tendency to wander. The chance of a wandering resident finding their way to your vitamins and medications means no one is allowed to have pills in their room. If you think you will become frustrated at not being able to take your vitamins whenever you feel like it, you will need to address this fact before your move.
  • Personality clashes are another unpleasant fact when you move into an elder care facility. While you might have a semblance of privacy in your own room (if you get a private room), there won’t be any privacy during mealtimes in the communal dining room. Residents who wander, residents who talk incessantly, and residents who argue with care aides are some of the personality types you will need to deal with. Make an effort to have a discussion with your family prior to entering long-term care to ensure you are ready for the challenges of living with multiple annoying personalities.

While entering assisted care is never easy, the knowledge you will have round-the-clock care is especially important to your friends and family. They no longer have to worry about you falling or having a health issue without adequate medical care. Understand the challenges you will face, discuss these issues with your family, and try to look at all the positives that come with living in an assisted living facility.

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