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September is here – the month specifically associated with and dedicated to international self-awareness. Whether you are currently in assisted living in Alaska, this is the time to be introspective, identify our goals and purposes, and work hard towards realizing our full potential and roles in our communities. (Self-awareness is not to be confused with self-consciousness, which has an element of judgement to it. Self-awareness is more about noticing than about judging.) So, join us as we celebrate your strengths, learn more, identify areas for further growth, reflect and share our experiences, and allow our true personalities to shine.

Did you know that there is a popular ancient Greek aphorism, “Know Thyself,” which many people have deemed one of the beginnings of the notion of self-awareness? Some even complete the saying: “Know yourself… in order to grow yourself.” During this month, ask yourself questions like, who am I? What are my personal values? The answers to these questions will help you create the best version of the life you wish to live. Discovering your values may progress your sense of purpose, and help you truly appreciate and treasure who you are. Practice self-awareness can help you become more caring, and to create a greater impact in your community. Just because you are in an assisted living community does not mean that you can no longer participate, contribute, or have a unique role. Here are a few ideas about how you can achieve your unique role and greatest impact in assisted living in Alaska at Baxter Senior Living.


To stay fit and healthy, it is extremely important to exercise, eat well, stay hydrated, and sleep well. As we age, due to functional limitations, we often face compromises to our health status, and reductions in the total independence we used to enjoy. When we have certain health limitations and are at greater risk for complications, it is even more important to stay healthy. Daily walking, jogging, dancing, taking yoga, and doing water activities are all ways to keep fit, among others. At Baxter Senior Living, we encourage our residents to stay active with our residential facilities, which include our walking paths and our fitness center. By staying active, you will have the endurance to live a meaningful life with less fatigue.

Social Interaction.

In order to make the most active impact in your community, it is important to be involved in social activities and to develop interpersonal relationships. As many seniors interact with others less frequently than in their younger days, one of our goals at Baxter Senior Living is to encourage and facilitate social interactions. We host social functions, and encourage our residents to establish goals with the aim of improving their social interaction and involvement. We enjoy trips to shopping malls and make other local excursions, always striving to help our seniors be as engaged and independent as possible.

Technological Skills.

We encourage our residents at Baxter Senior Living to create personal goals as motivation, and one common goal is to improve technological skills. As technology has become such an important way to communicate, stay in touch, and learn, we help our residents improve their technological skills. For those interested, we teach our seniors how to send an email, engage on social media platforms, shop online, enjoy music therapy and other therapeutic remedies, browse the internet, and even play online games. Online support groups can be an excellent way of combining social interaction goals with technological skills; learning to use modern-day communication, news, and social media platforms can be a great tool for making new social connections, communicating frequently with family, and staying updated on current events. Our main goal is to help our seniors live happily and feel independent.

Building Strong Family Relationships.

As one ages in Alaska, one might think more about family ties and relationships. The dream to build a lovely, happy family may no longer be just a dream, but a reality; or, it might be something you still hope to achieve, come what may. Many people believe a strong family is all you need to fight the odds that life and society might bring; a strong family teaches us how to function in the world. It provides great love and warmth to its members, and gives its members the support they need to make it through life’s toughest moments. Having the goal of building strong family relationships, and achieving it, is one of the biggest accomplishments for senior-living citizens — the joy of a healthy family knows no bounds, and can bring incomparable happiness. However, maintaining a happy family is not always easy. It often requires a great amount of effort to achieve and sustain strong family connections, especially as we age. This involves making efforts to communicate effectively, and to express love and care among all family members. At Baxter Senior Living, we wholeheartedly support the goal of building and maintaining strong family relationships. Whenever our residents need a helping hand with the process, our caregivers are always available.

Independent Living.

One of the goals many seniors tend to strive for is the ability to live independently. One of the best ways to help seniors achieve independent living is to encourage independence. Our independence-promoting programs here at Baxter Seniors Living do just that. We provide social day programs that explain what independent living is and how to make it more manageable and enjoyable. We also assist with actions that can facilitate independent living, which include making calls to arrange for a housekeeper, and using automatic services for prescriptions and grocery deliveries. By living as independently as possible, you can realize your true potentials, stay active, and feel in control. We also provide individualized care are we cater to the specific requests, needs, and desires of each of our residents so they may live the life that best suits them.

Learning New Information.

Learning new information is a documented way to maintain a sharp and alert mind. Learning and reading are activities unbounded by age. Reading freshens the mind, encourages better productivity, and offers insight into a variety of spheres. Reading can also be a tool for boosting cheerful mood among seniors, and can help them stay in vogue with current happenings in society. Anyone can engage in reading, either with an e-book, or with books from local libraries or from friends. Reading does not have to just be limited to books, either! Check out magazines, newspapers, journals, and blogs.

In conclusion, self-awareness involves thinking about your life, and considering possible ways to maintain or improve certain elements. We provide a variety of tools here at Baxter Senior Living to promote a healthy and satisfying life. Self-Awareness Month is a great opportunity to assess or reassess these tools. Exercise, social interaction, technological skills, building family relationships, living independently, and learning new information are excellent categories to keep in mind when reflecting on your life. Which areas of your life might you want to give more attention to? Which areas are you content with? Are there additional areas that we have not addressed? Which of our resources might be helpful for you, and are there any resources we have not yet provided for you? As always, our goal is to help our residents be independent, motivated, and engaged in the community, and we hope the tools we have presented can help you accomplish your goals.

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