How to Prevent Eldercare Burnout

Eldercare Burnout

Taking care of elderly parents is a demanding job that can tax you physically, emotionally and financially.  A parent that has dementia or incontinence and can’t be left alone will complicate matters. Parents can also be difficult as they are not used to having someone make the decisions for them. They may fight you on every turn and not appreciate any of your efforts. Your siblings may have abandoned you too, putting all the responsibility of their care on your shoulders. It’s easy to become resentful, angry and burned-out.

Be Aware of Burnout Signs

As the primary caretaker, you should be aware of the signs for eldercare burnout . There are red flags that may indicate burnout if you are experiencing anxiety, depression, exhaustion, loneliness, gastrointestinal problems, or chronic illness. The important thing is not ignore these symptoms but to seek outside support as soon as possible.

Senior Support Agencies

There are senior support agencies that can help you deal with the stress and financial burden. There are also adult day care centers that provide care and activities for seniors. You will need to find out if the center is a good match for your parent. Usually, the senior is mobile, doesn’t need round-the-clock supervision, and is not incontinent. As far as costs go, some centers offer a sliding fee scale. There is also some assistance for  financially-strapped families. Another alternative is to hire an in-home caretaker to come and relieve you. They can customize their service to meet your needs. Besides care of the parents, they can also help out with the household chores.

Support Groups

Support groups are so vital for caregivers because they can help you deal with the situation. Others in the group understand what you are going through since they are experiencing the same thing. They may have tips that can make life easier for you. Ask for assistance and accept it when it is offered. It can be helpful to receive caregiver training so you know how to properly transfer your parent to and from the shower or chair. You will learn to do things safely that won’t tax your back or hurt them.

If you can put yourself first, taking care of your parents can be a rewarding experience. Being proactive in your own well- being can prevent burnout from occurring. The key is to maintain as balanced a life as possible in the face of overwhelming responsibilities.

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