Health Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

yoga for seniors

Seniors are the fastest-growing segment of the population. As they are more susceptible to health problems associated with aging, they are also increasingly drawn to finding ways to maintain health and wellness. Yoga is considered one of the best kinds of exercise for seniors as it is very gentle and offers health benefits for both mind and body. These are the health benefits that older adults stand to gain from beginning a new yoga routine.

Increased Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the critical components of sound bodily health at any age. However, as the body ages, its range of motion declines naturally. This more limited range of motion causes older adults to be more prone to instability and falling. Yoga’s gentle stretches promote increased flexibility and help to maintain a more excellent range of motion in aging adults.

Better Bone Health

Bone mass is at its highest level at 30, and keeping bones healthy is a matter of maintaining that level. A gentle yoga routine is not only safe enough for even osteoporosis sufferers to participate in, but it can also effectively stabilize bone density loss. So whether you are looking for effective management of osteoporosis or are trying to strengthen a fractured bone, yoga’s slow stretches and strengthening exercises can benefit bone health.

Strain Free Exercise

Regular exercise plays a vital role in longevity and dramatically reduces the risk of contracting chronic diseases. But while training is essential to maintaining good health, strenuous cardiovascular exercise can also put the body under considerable strain. Because of yoga’s low-impact nature, it is far gentler on the body than exercises like running and weight training. For this reason, yoga is also the perfect exercise routine for people with arthritis.

Improved Balance and Stability

One of yoga’s primary focuses is balance and stability, which are readily lost with aging. Muscle-strengthening exercises help to improve balance and prevent the likelihood of falling, a common occurrence in the senior population. Regular yoga practice not only aids and shortens the recovery process should a fall occur but prevents a fall from happening in the first place.

Better Sleep Quality

Yoga practice boosts melatonin levels, which play an essential part in the body’s sleep and waking cycles, which leads to better quality sleep. A national survey of yoga practitioners found that regular practice helped more than half get better sleep. It also boosts serotonin levels, responsible for improved mood, appetite, and memory. As a result, yoga improves sleep quality and benefits mental and physical health and happiness.

Yoga is not only a very safe form of exercise for older adults to engage in but also provides many mental and physical health benefits. Finding a class and an instructor to fit your requirements and the time for a few weekly classes can set you firmly on the road to renewed energy, vitality, and well-being.




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