Best Gift Ideas for Seniors in Assisted Living Homes

Seniors in Assisted Living

Best Gift Ideas for Seniors in Assisted Living Homes

We may want to surprise our loved ones with a gift. However, you may take a lot of time before coming into a conclusion on the best gift to give to the elderly, especially those living in assisted living in Anchorage AK.  Most of these seniors have already received numerous lifetime gifts, and it’s difficult to tell what they like most.

In our trial and error research, we have been able to come up with a wide range of ideas on the best gifts for different senior citizens. Yes, some love traveling, while others find comfort in walks and exercise. With these ideas, we provide you with the best range of gift selection that will leave your aging adult smiling and congratulating you for wishing them well. Therefore, if you are looking forward to surprising your aging loved one this year, consider some of the following gifts.

Talking Alarms And Watches

As people age, they tend to develop vision and hearing problems. Getting a talking alarm or watch for them will serve as the best idea for such seniors.  These devices are considered fit as they give your aging adult control over reminders and alarms.

Talking alarms and watches are available in analog, digital, chrome, or with fitting rubber bands that provide comfort to the seniors.  An alarm clock is another gift that you can use to set voice alarm for your senior citizen by setting your own voice as the alarm tone. Nothing makes old parents happier than making them hear their children voice alerting them that it’s time to fix lunch or take medication.

Pamper Them

While this gift may sound odd to some people, it is the best ideal for seniors living in Anchorage senior living homes. While we can take care of ourselves, we can put a smile on the faces of our aging loved ones by providing them with ways to pamper themselves. Besides, we can spend at least one day at the spa. Other than this, gifting them with a personal massager is a beautiful gift as well.

For the seniors living with diabetes, you should consider gifting them with a heated footrest. Also, giving them some fancy lotion will significantly help them relax their feet as well as having an improved circulation for the feet.

For those who aren’t in good terms with lotions, you can consider rewarding them with some luxurious bath salt, fluffy robe and to keep their feet warm and relaxed, don’t forget to give them warm slippers.

Smartphones For Senior Citizens

Smartphones are essential for keeping us updated and keeping social interaction, which is a crucial ingredient for an improved quality of life. However, they are also vital for the safety of senior citizens. Most smartphones for aging adults today feature large buttons, voice typing, safety measures, and simple menus. It’s therefore essential to consider taking them a smartphone the next time you visit.

Picture Frames

A single picture is worth a thousand words. If you wish to take a picture frame to your loved one, you have the liberty to choose between an electronic and front-loading picture frame.

Electronic picture frame is popular for they allow one to share a lot of pictures within a minimal space. Some of our seniors are technologically advanced, and they can easily download photos from online photo managers. For those who are still lagging behind technology, they need a frame that will allow them to switch out the standard photo cards and ensure that you have bought two.  As such, it will be easy for the seniors’ to start picture swaps and exchange cards every few months.

The front-loading frame is the newest type that’s worth looking at. The frame has a front door that, upon opening, allows one to swap the art in and out on whims. The front-loading frame is the most ideal for artwork display from grandchildren and seasonal family pictures.

Senior citizens who struggle with tender joints may have challenges dealing with traditional read-loading picture frames, and experience difficulties changing pictures. Besides, some may even drop their glasses when trying to change the photos,  thus causing dangers. Front-loading frames are, therefore, great when it comes to preventing such challenges.

Low Impact Fitness Equipment

Everyone considers staying fit in all stages of life. This is specifically important for seniors as they are more subjected to stroke, heart diseases, among other ailments associated with old age. To keep your aging loved one safe and sound, getting low impact fitness equipment can be an excellent gift idea. These are the best exercise equipment to keep the seniors moving, energetic, and balanced. Just ensure that you have found the right fitness equipment to help them find fun in exercise.

Fashionable Compression Tights And Socks

Caregivers and nurses in assisted living homes love these outfits, and so will your senior citizens. These trendy attires are generally healthy since they help in boosting the circulation of your loved ones, putting on a smile on their face, and putting a spring in each of their steps.

Photo shirts, Pillows, and Bags for Seniors in Assisted Living

This is a fun and straightforward gift project perfect for both senior adults. Print a photo on a magnetic sheet at home or do it on an iron-on paper to design a canvas bag, pillow, or a photo T-shirt into a personalized gift. Some websites offer sales photo gifts and prints. You need to upload your photo online into one of the sites and make a quick order.

iPads and Tablets

These are all-in-one technological devices that are well-tailored towards seniors’ interests. They feature large print options and touch screen technology to make things easier for senior adults due to their easy to use accessibility features. Just as you consider it fit for yourself, social connection is also essential for your aged loved one.

iPads and tablets are suitable for entertainment, fun, exercising, and, more importantly, connection. They provide an impressive technology that serves as an excellent option for senior citizens. These devices eliminate the need for some other devices, for, with them, seniors can access almost everything, from books to television shows to games.

The above gifts ideas for seniors in assisted living are super cool and budget-friendly. Here are some additional senior gift ideas for the holidays. If you have not yet already, then consider surprising your loved one with one of these gifts ideas or the gift of a tour to Baxter Senior Living where they will enjoy creating new memories as they cared for by compassionate senior caregivers. Contact us today to schedule your tour and discover what Baxter Senior Living has to offer.



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