Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Anchorage Assisted Living

Choosing the right assisted living facility for your loved one can be a challenge at a time when you or your family is already stressed. Keeping a few key points in mind can make this decision easier.

Identify Your Goals

The first things you should consider are your goals. What do you want or need to achieve by placing your loved one in an assisted living facility? Generally, some of the primary objectives will be: safety, health, comfort, and dignity. You need to make sure that whatever facility you choose values these goals to your satisfaction. This is long-term care for a family member, and you want to be comfortable that you are leaving them in good hands.

Consider the Services you NEED

Along with the goals of placement, you will need to consider what services the ideal facility will provide, and how these will help meet the needs of your loved one. You should find a facility that has a designated care/service manager who can discuss the needed services with you directly, as well as any service alterations that may be needed in the future. A few basic services that you will want to consider are: onsite nursing/medical care, food/nutrition services, transportation services, housekeeping, etc. Depending on the specific needs/capabilities of your loved one, you may also want services such as personal hygiene/grooming assistance, cancer care, socialization activities, etc.

Qualified Staffing

Facility staffing is also an important factor in the selection process. You will want to make sure that the staff is qualified to perform the necessary tasks. This should include ongoing education in the specific population that they serve, as you want to ensure that they are on the cutting edge of care and assistance. They should be available as often as warranted by your family member’s specific circumstances, so staffing levels are also of great importance. Make sure you ask about patient to staff ratios, as this is a critical piece of decision-making information.

Certifications and Licensed

You will also want to make sure that the facility you choose is certified/licensed by your state. Each state has different criteria by which they deem a facility acceptable, so you will want to do a bit of research into your state’s standards of care. In most situations, ensuring that the facility you choose is certified/licensed can give you piece of mind that the programs and facility are subject to oversight and strict criteria.

How do you FEEL about the Community?

One of the most important, and often overlooked, aspects of choosing a long-term placement for your loved one is determining how the facility makes you and your family feel when you meet with them for the first time. Your first impression should be one of warmth and compassion, not bureaucracy and paperwork. They should show a genuine interest in the safety, care, and health of the person you will be trusting them with, and this should be evident on the first visit. If you are uncomfortable meeting with the staff, this should be a warning sign that this may not be the right place for your loved one.

Figuring out where to place someone you care about is a difficult decision, but it needn’t be an overwhelming stress. Keeping in mind your goals for care, facility services, staffing, licensing, and your first impressions can help make this an easier task.

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