Tablets Make the Best Devices for Seniors

Best Devices for Seniors

Everyone is suffering from a bit of cabin fever with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and for seniors this is especially true. With so many states instituting stay at home orders and social distancing being mandatory almost anywhere you go, caregivers and families are looking for new ways to keep seniors connected and engaged. Here are ten great tech devices that will keep seniors happy and socially active.

Tablets Make the Best Devices for Seniors.

A tablet is the perfect device for seniors who want to stay connected on the internet and use social media to share photos and experiences with friends and family. Seniors find tablets to be more user friendly, streamlined and lighter than a laptop computer and easier to handle and see than the average smartphone. A tablet will make seniors feel up to date and tech savvy without being overwhelmed with instructions just to use it.

Now that more seniors are using all types of technology, it is easier to see how using tablets is a benefit. There are many apps designed especially for seniors that allow them to track their medications and record things like blood pressure and blood sugar. They can use apps on their tablets to stay in touch with their friends and family who live far away and are unable to visit often by using video chats, messengers and social media platforms. Online games are not only entertaining while waiting at a doctor’s appointment, they are also great for keeping the mind sharp and engaged. Tablets are great for reading and picture taking as well. Settings allow the user to make quick and easy adjustments for more comfortable customized viewing.


Tablets for Seniors

For the Web Surfing Senior the Apple iPad 9.7 has a high resolution 9.7 inch screen is smaller than many other tablets, but it has ten hours of battery life, is lightweight, at only 1.03 lbs. It is super user friendly, but with an A10 fusion chip, it is fast and powerful enough to watch videos, surf the web and use lots of cool apps. It takes pictures and videos but only has a medium quality camera. 

The Lenovo Tab 4 is an android tablet, available with either an 8 or 10 inch screen, this is a super inexpensive model. This tablet isn’t great for high-performance tasks, but it is good for things like email, basic web browsing, and social media. The Lenovo Tab 4 is a little heavier than some models but it has a great battery life (11+ hours) and good sound quality with front-facing speakers. 

 For seniors used to an android, theHuawei MediaPad M5 Pro Android Tablet is very powerful and allows the user to watch videos, stream shows and listen to music easily with 2K resolution and great speakers. This is a lightweight model (1.1 lbs.), with a 10.8 inch screen and 11 hours of battery life. The only real drawbacks are a low quality camera and poor button placement (they are on the back of the device).

Smartphones for Seniors

The market is over saturated with smartphones these days, and every one of them has different features. If you are shopping for a senior loved one, how do you know which one is best? It comes down to how comfortable your loved one is with technology, and which features they will actually need. We have searched the market and come up with some of the very best smartphones for seniors. 

The Jitterbug Smart2 is reasonably priced and has a great call plan. A reputable brand, it is easy to use with simplified options, a large screen, voice typing and it’s packed with health and safety features. It even comes equipped with 5Star Urgent Response.

A powerful, yet simple option is the Motorola moto e⁴ plus. Great for talking, texting, photography and even surfing the web. It has a large screen and the battery can last as long as two days. It has an advanced camera that helps seniors take pictures easily to share with family and friends.

For the tech loving seniors, there is the Samsung Galaxy Note9. This is a super powerful phone that is still fairly simple and straightforward. It has a battery that can last all day and a large screen. It even comes with an S-Pen option.

Subscription Gifts for Seniors

Subscription services are awesome for seniors, especially those who live further away. These kinds of services remind your senior loved one that you are thinking of them year round. There are tons of great services that deliver a package to your senior family member or friend once a month. You can find everything from flowers to cheese to detective mysteries to solve. 

There is the Grandbox, which is themed with seasonal items for holidays, birthdays and the like. These come filled with full size items like snacks, puzzles, calendars and decor. These can also be personalized with photos and messages.

Monthly Car Boxes from CareBoxCo are a great way to remind your senior loved one that you are thinking of them. These boxes come packed full of care items and fun items. They have things like socks and soap, but also contain things like puzzles and candy. 

The Golden Years Box comes from Crate Joy and is for the senior who still likes a little glamour and glitz. If your senior loves luxurious pampering this box has it. Every month, they will be treated to luxury health and beauty items as well as accessories. The boxes are themed and have included a “Foot Box” and a”Rainy Day Box” in the past. 

Advice on Gifts for Seniors

When purchasing anything new for a senior friend or loved one, the most important thing is to know your senior. Be aware of their needs and capabilities. They will be elated that you thought of them, no matter the gift you choose. 

Whatever the experience level, or ability of your senior loved one this is a great list of tablets, smartphones and services that lend themselves well to use by seniors. The staff at Baxter Senior Living will provide help connecting you with your senior, just reach out! 907-891-9696


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