Alaska Assisted Living: A Better Option

Alaska Assisted Living

One of the hardest events in life is watching loved ones grow old, and in some cases become unable to care for themselves properly. For many elderly family members, the risks and difficulties of living an everyday normal life become a staggering reality. Unfortunately, a great number of people go without help either because they are nervous about considering assisted living, or simply don’t know what’s out there. It is perfectly natural to want stay in the comfort of one’s own home as old age sets in, but sometimes the risks outweigh the benefits. When living alone and unassisted, a stumble, fall, or even fast-onset medical complications could have disastrous consequences. For over 1 million people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, even eating can be a risky activity due to the potential of choking. Fortunately, these risks can be partly or altogether eliminated by switching to assisted living.

It is important to remember that assisted living is not the same as living in a retirement home. When choosing to reside in an assisted living community, the resident/family is presented with a variety of living options which cater to the specific needs of the senior. Living styles can vary from almost entirely independent living, to round-the-clock care when necessary. A healthy independent senior has the option of living in their own private apartment while also enjoying the peace of mind offered by living where help is near if the need arises. A senior who requires more care can choose more assistance as needed or requested. The variety and flexibility of options while residing in an assisted living community offers residents of all backgrounds the ability to be safe and happy while still maintaining their own personal dignity and style; factors which are usually lacking in retirement homes. Assisted living also caters to couples, and two-person living accommodations are widely available.

Depending on the facility and the amount of care needed, the cost of assisted living varies. Being realistic about your financial situation is a vital factor in choosing a residence, however many facilities are willing to work with families to create a financial plan. Assisted living usually costs from $1,000 to $5,000 each month. The cost is mostly dependent on the amount of care a senior needs, however room and board are usually included. Many facilities also offer wide varieties of daily activities so that residents can stay active, make friends, and build new interests. Choosing an assisted living facility that is right for a loved one is a crucial decision. No single facility can cater to the preferences of each and every person, so it is important to shop around, thoroughly examining a variety of residences before making a commitment. When the right facility is found, however, it can boost the quality of living tremendously. Both the family and the senior feel at ease knowing that the environment is safe and secure. With peace of mind, yet the opportunity to maintain independence, assisted living offers a residence of health, comfort, and security for years to come

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