Aging with Grace

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The time clock of life ticks along at the same pace for everyone. While no one ultimately wins the battle of aging, there are some steps you can take to age with style and grace. Consider these ways to empower yourself in the battle to remain young and vital.

1. Develop the right mental attitude when it comes to the aging process.

You can’t avoid it. Aging is a privilege not enjoyed by everyone. You have gained experience, knowledge and a certain level of acceptance about the world around you. Use that to your advantage as you rejoice in adding candles to your birthday cake each year.

2. Part of that right mental attitude comes with learning to eliminate toxic people from your life.

You know your own mind and what works with your own thoughts and goals. You no longer have to endure allowing other people to drag you down, either mentally or emotionally.

3. As you learn to eliminate toxic people from your life, learn to eliminate toxic regrets from the past.

Your time on earth is limited. Don’t waste a minute of it mulling over what went wrong twenty years ago. You can only work on living today and planning for tomorrow. Put your strength and energy where it can have the most power to create the life you want now and going forward. Worry and regret are ugly burdens to carry around.

4. Take care of yourself.

If you’ve enjoyed a life-long exercise routine, keep it up. If you’ve avoided getting too physical, for whatever reason, now is a good time to incorporate some level of exercise and physical activity in your life. A healthy body is an active body. Sufficient exercise will help keep your body healthy, your weight under control and your mind alert.

5. While you’re thinking about ways to improve or maintain a healthy body, take a look at some of the bad habits you may have acquired throughout your lifetime.

If you smoke, stop. Pay attention to your alcohol consumption. You don’t necessarily have to eliminate your favorite cocktail or glass of wine, but you certainly should monitor your usage. If you can identify any other bad or dangerous habits, rethink your position on them now, before they cause any further damage.

6. What about your diet?

It’s time to pay attention to nutrition labels and cut back on refined sugars, excess sodium and nutritionally vacant snack foods. Your diet is more important than ever. Healthy fats from fatty fish, avocados and nuts as well as drinking plenty of water will provide a wealth of healthy assistance to your hair, skin and nails. What you put on the inside will show a benefit on the outside.

7. Sure, you want to enjoy a full, active life, but don’t let that interfere with getting a sufficient amount of sleep.

Sleep is nature’s ultimate healer and refresher. You’ll need at least six to eight hours each night to keep going full throttle each day.

8. Having plenty of good people in your life is a definite boost to your outlook on the world.

Good friends and congenial family members are the spice that adds new interest and fresh activities to your daily life. They can cheer you on when life is good and prop you up when life gets a little rough. Never try to live life alone.

9. Learning doesn’t end when you leave school.

There are so many wonderful things to learn about that you will run out of life long before you run out of new things to learn. Keep your mind active by challenging it with new pursuits. You don’t necessarily have to become an expert at anything, just enjoy the thrill of learning something new. An active mind is a youthful mind.

10. Don’t stress too much over things you can’t control.

And, that includes practically everything. Let everyone else live their lives as they choose. Let go of the stresses of the work world as much as possible. Keep world politics confined to a small pocket in your mind. Of course you want to be aware of the world around you, but you can give up on the fantasy of trying to control it to any extent. Staying young at heart is about more than just maintaining a strong, tight body. Time and gravity will take a toll on everyone. Aging with grace is a matter of opening your mind to new and fresh thoughts, caring for your body with adequate rest and proper nutrition, and embracing the world each day with enthusiasm.

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