3 Reasons Why Alaska Seniors Benefit from Having a Pet

Alaska Seniors

Having a pet at any age can offer benefits to the owner. Alaska Seniors are no exception. While some seniors may think they are not able-bodied enough to manage a pet, barriers such as these can be addressed through choosing the right pet or recruiting the right support, for example, if a dog walker is needed.

Having a pet can offer seniors benefits that no amount of card playing, tea-time, or Sunday visits from family can provide. Here are three ways that seniors can benefit from having a pet.

  1. A cure for loneliness

It’s no secret that many seniors face loneliness and social isolation on a daily basis. With the loss of loved ones and friends along with having family members who seem too busy to visit regularly, having a pet can provide 24/7 company. Some may say that they even prefer the company of a pet than of a human.

  1. Motivation to stay active

For an able-bodied senior, having a pet is the key to getting them to be more active. From dog walking to getting up and down from a chair to throw a cat a toy mouse, pets help seniors get moving. Any pet, even a bird, can give a senior a reason to get out of the home and take a walk to the store to stock up on food and pet essentials.

  1. A sense of purpose

Days can be long for seniors who do not have family, friends, or social functions taking place regularly. Having a pet gives a senior a routine to follow and a reason to start another new day. Feeding pets, caring for the needs, and playing with pets are all necessary parts of keeping a regular routine to provide good pet care.

In order to care for a pet, seniors must care for themselves. Having a pet can help motivate seniors to look after themselves with good nutrition, hygiene, and physical health.

Selecting the right pet is key. Whether it be a dog, a cat, a rodent, or a bird, having a companion in the home can provide love and attention that all humans require.

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