Baxter Events Calendar Take a look at our monthly calendar of events and come join us for the fun! Here’s a little chart to help explain location of events. First Floor Second Floor Third Floor 1DR = Dining Room 2CA = Common Area Activities 3CA = Common Area 1MC = Memory [...]

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The Social Side of Alaska Assisted Living


Isolation and loneliness among seniors are among the leading causes of mental health problems, emotional difficulties, and premature death. Unfortunately, isolation becomes an all too common problem among many seniors living in an in-home care setting. As time passes, children and family move away, friends and spouses pass on, and our loved ones find themselves [...]

The Social Side of Alaska Assisted Living2020-08-12T11:56:25-08:00

Senior Living Communities vs. In-Home Care: How They Differ


Is it possible for your loved one to receive safe and adequate care in their home? Or would a senior living community, like Baxter Senior Living in Anchorage, Alaska, be better suited to meet their long-term needs? As our loved one’s age, these questions and concerns commonly arise. Concerns about health and safety become even [...]

Senior Living Communities vs. In-Home Care: How They Differ2020-08-10T11:10:30-08:00

Adding Up the Cost of In-Home Care in Alaska


As Anchorage seniors age, many look for in-home care in Alaska so as to age in place for as long as possible. Many have grown accustomed to the freedom and independence afforded by living in their homes, surrounded by the comfort of years of memories. Despite all these advantages aging adults cannot always live alone [...]

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Researching Alaska Senior Living Communities


Have you spent the last few weeks, months, or in some cases, researching Alaska senior living communities, talking with your parent(s)? After much back and forth, has the decision finally been reached that perhaps it’s time to start exploring potential options? With so many potential options, it can be easy to see how deciding which [...]

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5 Caregiver Struggles that You May Face


As our loved one’s health challenges progress you may find you find you are having caregiver struggles This could stem from them needing higher skilled care. As our other responsibilities and commitments have turned our caregiver responsibility into seeming like a burden. We may not realize it, but when we are burning out, our care [...]

5 Caregiver Struggles that You May Face2020-07-27T20:00:19-08:00

Assisted Living or In-Home Care Services


Today people are living longer than ever before. The average life expectancy in the United States is around seventy-nine years. As the population lives longer, an increasing number of families must confront questions regarding how to care for loved ones as they age. They may also question whether assisted living or Alaskan in-home care services [...]

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Combating Loneliness In Alaska Seniors


Over the past two blogs, we’ve discussed loneliness in Alaska seniors and isolation our elders. The first post covered what senior loneliness and isolation are and how they develop in the senior population. The second discussed some of the physical and mental health effects that isolation and senior loneliness can have on seniors. Often, when [...]

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Loneliness and Seniors’ Isolation Affect Health


Most of us know what it is like to be lonely. At some point in our lives, most of us have encountered life experiences that have left us longing for more human interaction. Be it the death of a loved one, moving to a new location, or changing jobs, regardless of the reason loneliness feels [...]

Loneliness and Seniors’ Isolation Affect Health2020-07-24T15:33:58-08:00

Assisted Living vs. In-Home Care in Anchorage How to Decide


As we age, the question of Assisted Living vs. In-Home Care will certainly arise. Many seniors have the goal of “aging in place” meaning, remaining in the home they know so well until their final days. Assisted Living vs. In-Home Care for some, this is indeed possible; however, it may not be the safest, healthiest, [...]

Assisted Living vs. In-Home Care in Anchorage How to Decide2020-07-20T16:27:32-08:00

When to Consider Alternatives to In-Home Care in Anchorage


As Alaskan senior loved one’s age, one of the hardest choices we have to make as a family member and caregiver is the decision to move from in-home care in Anchorage to an assisted living community. Often, even thinking about having this conversation with our loved ones can invoke feelings of guilt. This is especially [...]

When to Consider Alternatives to In-Home Care in Anchorage2020-07-20T16:42:24-08:00


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