Many Alaskan seniors are unhappy. Their social circle has fallen apart as friends succumbed to illness or moved away to retire. Often, they don’t think they can afford to go out and circulate. As a result, they sit alone in front of the television every day. However, there are ways to boost happiness and make improvements. If the described scenario sounds familiar, don’t despair. The Alaska Senior Retirement can be a happier and more productive one.

Studies show the happiest seniors have a healthy social life. They are industrious, regularly meet with friends, exercise, and engage in hobbies. You may think it’s not possible for you to be like them, but tweaking your lifestyle and habits can make a difference.

Reach out

Don’t let the idea of reaching out to connect with others scare you. Millions of people like you want to make new friends and take advantage of facilities created for the elderly, so you’re not alone. Discover the groups and events designed to help older people widen their social circle.

Consider joining classes to learn more about a hobby you already have or take up a new interest. Look online, and on library and community center notice boards, and ask your GP to suggest resources that may be beneficial for you. Additionally, don’t imagine you aren’t useful anymore. You can help your local community by getting involved in charitable events and voluntary work.


Your physical condition determines the level of activity you can carry out. You might have an illness that restricts physical movement to an extent. However, are you as active as possible? Your doctor can give you advice about the type of exercise you can manage. Even if you regularly engage in gentle stretching while sitting in a chair, your mood and strength are likely to improve.

Do something different

Routines can be comforting at times. At others, though, they make life humdrum. Plus, if you keep doing the same thing, you’ll get the same results. If life isn’t fulfilling at present, you need to make a change. Visit different cafes, go to art exhibitions, and make a habit of viewing historical places of interest.

Doing so will stimulate your mind and help you meet people with similar interests as you. On a tight budget? You can still take a packed lunch to eat in the park once a week, and go for a stroll every evening. Likewise, you can go to local garden centers and the library without spending money.

If you’re bored, lonely, and fed up, it’s time for a change. Don’t follow the same patterns, branch out. Make little changes to your routines, keep fit, and endeavor to go places where you are likely to meet people who can also benefit from making new friends.

Alaska Senior Retirement is imperative to stay active, happy, and engaged. Baxter Senior Living offers a first-class senior living experience.