The Cost of In-home Care in Anchorage


Figuring out the cost of In-home Care in Anchorage can seem daunting. However we all know, finances and costs play a big role in the decisions we make about the care of our elderly family members and loved ones. Often we know that in-home health care has reached the limits of what it can provide [...]

The Cost of In-home Care in Anchorage2020-10-29T22:25:05-08:00

Assisted Living in Anchorage Alaska


If you are helping a senior family member or loved one make a choice about in-home care in Anchorage, there are many options to consider. No matter where you are in the journey, assisted living can sound like a very scary topic. The biggest reason for the unfounded fear is that assisted living gets confused [...]

Assisted Living in Anchorage Alaska2020-10-12T14:50:22-08:00

Depression in the Elderly – Options That Can Help


Depression in the elderly is a common problem  that is recently getting more attention from healthcare professionals.  Illness, diminished physical mobility and decreasing quality of life can take an emotional toll on older people that sometimes makes them feel that life isn't worth living.  The loss of spouse and friends can also contribute to feelings [...]

Depression in the Elderly – Options That Can Help2020-11-23T10:32:22-09:00
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