Self-Care and Senior Caregiving Techniques


Did you know that this month is National Self-Care Awareness Month? September is a moment to reawaken our consciousness of how essential it is to take care of ourselves. Let’s remind ourselves that we are our own top priority. Many times, we neglect self-care in our daily living and make excuses for a reason or [...]

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Living (and loving) with dementia


A simple creed that can sometimes be hard to follow. But important nonetheless to remind ourselves how to engage with our most loved family members living with dementia. Agree, Redirect, Distract, Reassure, Reminisce, Repeat, Ask Agree - never argue Redirect - never reason Distract - never shame Reassure - never lecture Reminisce - never say [...]

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Seniors Get the Winter Blues | 3 Ways to Help Your Loved One in Assisted Living in Anchorage


The winter is particularly difficult for seniors living in cold climates. From frequent issues with snow closures and disruption of activities due to weather to the social isolation that the season can cause, seniors have fewer outings and fewer visits in the coldest months. Less time outdoors and less light can lead to seasonal depression for [...]

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How Alaska Seniors Can Avoid Depression


Seniors living alone often experience depression. For some people it can be a serious condition requiring medical attention. Depression can also be a temporary condition brought on by a specific event. Selling the family home, the loss of a loved one or the daily aches and pains of aging may cause a temporary state of [...]

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10 Tips for Battling Age-Related Depression


Growing older can be a beautiful, happy process which you can share with everyone that you love. Despite trying to be upbeat, some people will come down with depression for a variety of reasons. Here are some ideas to pick yourself up out of the doldrums and get back to living life to its fullest! [...]

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Depression in the Elderly – Options That Can Help


Depression in the elderly is a common problem  that is recently getting more attention from healthcare professionals.  Illness, diminished physical mobility and decreasing quality of life can take an emotional toll on older people that sometimes makes them feel that life isn't worth living.  The loss of spouse and friends can also contribute to feelings [...]

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