Here at Baxter Senior Living in Anchorage Alaska, we embrace Optimism as we encourage positivity among our Alaskan assisted living residents. In The Last Frontier, we are elated to help Alaska’s senior living residents become more optimistic and embrace optimism. In this article, you will learn: the importance of optimism during your golden years, how to not allow depression to take over as you age, reasons to socialize, ways to become more optimistic, and how Baxter Senior Living’s assisted living senior caregivers can help you embrace optimism.

Why Should Optimism and Happiness Be Important To Me?

It is important to remain optimistic and happy during your golden years. There have been many studies and experiments conducted that have found direct correlations between one’s happiness and health. Changes in health, housing location, routines, socialization, and relations with others can be a few factors that affect your overall happiness. It is essential to stay optimistic and to speak up if anything is taking away from your positivity.

According to the University of Chicago, people over the age of 50 become happier as they age. A few of the reasons include: you develop a more holistic and comprehensive appreciation for the value of life, you feel more fulfilled, you have an enhanced and knowledgeable way of addressing change, and know how to approach the uncertainties and challenges that you will be able to overcome. Also, you have fewer goals and expectations for yourself (because you’ve either completed them or developed a sense of contentment with the way that life is going).

You have the ability to live without fear of the future. You have the wisdom that comes with age, and do not need to live to please others. Also, you have a knack for looking at situations in a more positive light and channeling positive vibes.

It also takes more muscle work to frown, so it is technically easier to smile. Many factors in life can affect your happiness, but it is essential to be mindful of what is going right and to show gratitude for our blessings. We should also be proud of our daily accomplishments and achievements. If we create goals and action plans but do not entirely adhere to everything we hoped to achieve, we should still be proud of all the steps and actions that we did follow.

It is also vital to convey positive affirmation and to daily remind us about three attributes that we love about ourselves. For example, if you’re married, had the opportunity to further your education, if you had kids who now earn a decent income, and if you are in good health/shape, then these are all things to be proud of and celebrate. However, if there are aspects of your bucket list of life pursuits that you have not yet fulfilled, you have a chance to slow down and prioritize elements that you want to focus on and delegate time toward achieving those goals.

Rain Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day

Although you are more likely to be happier as you age, there is an ironic chance that you are more susceptible to become depressed. Although you can have sad times, and gloomy days, depression is not a part of a healthy Alaska senior’s natural aging process. A notable quote to remember is, “I will remember and recover, not forgive and forget,”.

In order to reduce the risk of developing depression, you first have to embrace a mentality that leans towards positivity and optimism. If, for example, the dinner menu got changed, instead of fretting over the alteration, embrace the changes, and see if there is a new healthier dinner selection that interests you. You could also utilize your problem-solving skills to discuss with your caregivers about the types of foods that do appeal to you.

Another day is a new opportunity for you to experience life, and to see what opportunities are in store for you this particular day. Is there a hall that you haven’t explored, an excursion you have not yet joined, or an activity that you have not yet participated in? Is there someone that sits alone at lunch that you could sit and talk with?

Another way to reduce your chances of depression is to make sure that your finances are in order. If you are experiencing financial stress, then you may consider seeking an accountant or a financial manager who has the subject matter expertise to help you.

The Importance of Socialization

As you age, it is increasingly crucial for Alaska’s assisted living seniors to socialize.

One of the causes of depression are feelings of isolation and loneliness. If you are in constant contact with other people who understand you and support you, then you are never truly alone.

You also have your families, assisted living friends, and Baxter Senior Living staff members who wholeheartedly care for you as well. Participating in activities is a wonderful way to get your feet wet and engage in new hobbies as you create memorable memories in our Anchorage assisted living home. Activities range from Crafting Corners, Movie Matinees, to Church Service, and BINGO.

Another reason that socialization is essential to seniors, is that having a sense of inclusion, and community help to build greater self-esteem, and a sense of worth. This helps with emotional health, and wellbeing, and protects against memory loss. Being social also helps assisted living seniors experience less stress than those that aren’t socially active. In turn, this can aid with cardiovascular health issues, and boost your immune system. Laughing is directly connected to your immune system, which can lower your blood pressure, improve your mood, help to alleviate pain, and improve your relationships with other people.

How Will Baxter Senior Living Help Me Embrace Optimism?

There are many tools and resources that the Baxter Senior Living caregivers can connect you with to help you and other Anchorage assisted living residents be more be happy and embrace optimism. For example, the caregivers will always greet you with a warm and inviting smile and can escort you to the activities that we are hosting for each day. We also host outings to stores in the Anchorage area so that you may partake in additional opportunities to explore that extend beyond our senior living home. We also offer you a relaxed, warm, and inviting environment to thrive in. We hope that you will consider the multitude of ways for how you can better embrace optimism and channel your positivity vibes.

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